Haiti Immigration - 4800 Haitians Kicked out of Dominican Republic in 2 months

Haiti Immigration/Emigration Update -- A top Dominican immigration official revealed 4,800 Haitians have been repatriated to Haiti since 14 August 2015... Compare that to 8 Cubans, 4 Iraqis, 2 Colombians, 1 Italian, 1 German and 1 Dutch repatriated to their respective countries...

Build a wall to Separate Haiti and Dominican Republic

The Dominican official said these Haitian nationals found themself in an irregular migratory situation; they were not registered in the National Regularization of foreigners Plan (PNRE) or have been denied the plan, HaitiLibre.com reports...

The sad but true fact is that most of these 4800 Haitians will find their way back to the Dominican Republic unless something changes here in their homeland...

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Pedro Santana says...

4800 is not

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Ricart says...

Did You Know...

The constitution of Haiti has the same legislation as the constitution of D.R. with regards to citizenship; for a person to be Haitian at least one of their parents must be Haitian, so if 200,000 or whatever number of Dominicans had been born in Haiti to illegal Dominican parents, they'd all be denied citizenship as

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