Haiti Gas Prices Drops to 195 Gourdes following Public transport strike

Haiti gas prices dropped from 215 gourdes down to 200 gourdes Monday following strike by Haiti public transportation and tap-tap drivers over high gas prices which paralyzed public transport in the country Monday... Gas prices in Haiti are expected to drop to 195 Gourdes by Friday...

Gas For Sale by The Gallon In Haiti

KREYOL: Haiti - Pri Gazoline desann a 195 Goud apre yon manifestation sendika chofè yo ki te paralize transpò nan peyi a... Kisa w panse de sa?

In the early hours of Tuesday it was not yet known that gas prices went down and that the strike was over. Public transportation passengers still had trouble finding a tap-tap to go to work.

According to Haiti news reports, the decision to lower gas prices came in the late hours Monday...

Gazoline prices will go down to 195 gourdes from 215 gourdes.

Diesel prices will drop from 177 to 157 gourdes.

Kerosene prices will drop from 171 to 156 gourdes.

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Galujo Charles says...

Gouverner Haiti c'est comme vouloir fumer un cigar allume a ses deux bouts!!!...

Il faut etre bon jongleur; il n'y a pas une politique definie, arretee, qui peut a 100% garantir une stabilite durable et productrice.

Malgre tout Preval a fait de son mieux.

Mais pour quel

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Karl Lorenz says...

For years, folks in Haiti had subsidized fuel and were sheltered from the international fuel market.

Now, due to unusual and temporary circumstances, the market is extremely low and folks want to take advantage of that.

What will folks do when the international market goes back up to much higher rates?

Will folks then protest and demand that someone once again subsidizes their

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Subject: Haiti Gas Prices Drops to 195 Gourdes following Public transport strike edit

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