Haiti Food Riots - Watch The Videos

prevalhaiti.com/I don't know President Preval, I've never met the guy but I will tell you this...

Right now, I don't want to be in his shoes.

As matter of fact I don't event think I want to be the president of Haiti right now.

Everybody is upset in Haiti because of "La Vi Chè" and everyone wants President Rene Preval to waive his magic wand and make it disappear.

In the history of mankind there was once a man who fed a whole lot of people with just one fish and one piece of bread but that man is long gone...

He died and went back to heaven

I don't believe such a miracle happened since.

The people of Haiti made their point, "La Vie" in Haiti "Coute Trè Cher".

I believe the president and his staff got the message.

We should all sit back, relax, and give the guy a few months to come up with solutions.

Men-m si se mayi Preval al plante nan mòn Mamlad pou li bay pep la manje, they still have to wait for "2 Mwa" for it to be ready.

I think Preval is a cool guy, I think he is an honest man...

He got the message... Now give him some time!

I am Woodring Saint Preux and I said it.

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Richard M Joseph Iii says...

Sometimes I feel ashamed of myself because I can't change or reverse this tragedy that has struck Haiti, il y a plusieurs années...

Other times, I' just reluctant to identify myself straightly as a Haitian, with no stings attached.

I just identify myself as a Haitian Immigrant, although I've just been naturalized as a Haitian American.

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Fabie Chiocchio says...

i grow in haiti i came here when i was 19 year olds every since i came here i only heaar negative about haitian but one thing we don't know or they don't know about us we love each other too much it drives us mad. i thing we need to stop talking about each on a negative way instead og put each other down let biuld up one another when the others races see that they will resppect us as proud haitians.

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Nathacha says...

La vi a chè tou patou menm isit o zeta zuni, gade pri yon galon lèt pri gaz menm se pa pale, mwen pa kwè se vyolans kap ede nou rezoud pwoblem nou

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