The fear of insecurity in Haiti causing another disaster in my life

Lesson from Tropical Storm Chantal - I am learning the hard way what can happen in Haiti when you are so afraid that something really bad is going to happen... Let me tell you... something bad WILL happen... You wont believe what I am about to tell you...

Fear of Insecurity, Locks upon locks at the gate

Last week was the first time, since moving back to Haiti, that I had to leave my stuff behind and go away for a few days.

After hearing all the stories about houses getting robbed in town (although some of the stories are 5 years old) I decided to lock the house down like fort knox and take the keys with me.

I didn't want to take any changes... I wanted to make sure every thing was still there when I got back...

Great... The house is secure... no one can get in... That's the GOOD news...

SO... What is the BAD news?

The bad news is... NO ONE Can get in!

Thanks Tropical Storm Chantal flood water got inside the house from a drain pipe in the neighbor's yard, the freaking house is flooded and no one can get inside to move my stuff to safety!

Amazing isn't it? all my stuff are safely locked away from any potential thief... Safely WET... possibly sitting in a pool of water but no one knows how bad since, I am not in town and no one has a key.

How's that for a lesson on trust and insecurity in Haiti?

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Me says...

The issues is not insecurity in haiti, we haitian tells foreigners to visit and tour the country but we ourself dont even trust the people...

Not even our own

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Isradamus says...

You did the right thing but one mistake.

You don't go traveling with the keys unless there's a landlord or manager with the spare.

In Haiti you put it under the Gad's rock by the gate (no one would dare) or at a banana leave's root or some place, ...

the less expected.

Just in

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Subject: The fear of insecurity in Haiti causing another disaster in my life edit

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