Haiti Elections - Reginald Boulos: If I was NOT Born in the USA, my Mother and I would be DEAD...

Haiti Elections Update - Haitian Candidate for Senator Reginald Boulos who was recently kicked out of the Legislative elections considers himself a victim of political EXCLUSION... Boulos, who affirmed he is 100% Haitian, explained on Radio Caraibes Saturday that his mother had to go to the United States on a visa to give birth to him due to pregnancy complications...

"Had I not been born in the United States," Boulos said, "Me and my mother would be dead and, being the first born child from a complicated pregnancy, my other 5 siblings would not have be born."

Boulos raises a BIG question of IDENTITY for all the Haitian mothers who are giving birth to children in Santiago, Dominican Republic, where 50 out of every 100 children born is of a Haitian mother, he said...

"They have no identity... This is a violation of Human rights," he said...

QUESTION: What happens when a Haitian mother has the financial ability to go to another country where there is a better health care system to give birth to a their Haitian child?

What do you think about that?

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Jean Nicolas Baby born outside Haiti from Haitian family should be considered as Haitian.
Reply · December 25 at 12:51 AM
Anjeto If your parents are from Haiti, but had you in China, does that make you Chinese?? No. It goes by your parents and how they culturally raise you.
Reply · July 06 at 10:15 PM
Georges Boursiquot Y'all don't really have a clue of what the hell U R talking about. Your comment on this issue make me feel that it is way above your pay grade. Stay... see more
Reply · June 03 at 12:04 PM
Jane I understand but he needs to know that the culture is also important because a kid who was borned and raised outside of Haiti wont really know the... see more
Reply · June 03 at 10:14 AM
Marie He is right, being born on foreign soil doesn't make you less Haitian than those born in Haiti. Its a matter of technicality. If you become a... see more
Reply · June 02 at 8:52 AM
Jean W Malval Where u born that where you from meaning I'm born en Haiti I'm Haitian
Reply · June 01 at 10:27 AM

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Subject: Haiti Elections - Reginald Boulos: If I was NOT Born in the USA, my Mother and I would be DEAD... edit

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