Haiti: Cheap Internet Service Within 12 Months

TELECO Haiti is under new management and TELECO's new owners are promising cheap Internet service in all corners of Haiti. A new Internet backbone will link Haiti's 10 major cities, a new submarine cable will link Haiti to Florida USA, and they say it can be done within the next twelve months.

Viettel - Natcom - Teleco Haiti

If you ever try going online in Haiti you know it is a nightmare. Vietel, a military Telecom corporation in Vietnam, who now owns 60% of TELECO Haiti has engineers already in Haiti trying to rebuild Teleco's infrastructure.

Not only is Vietel promising to rebuild Teleco's infrastructure, they are also promising to deliver cheap Internet services to all corners of Haiti.

According to a recent article published by the Associated Press, Viettel says it can build the Internet backbone in one year.

They are planning to lay 5,000 kilometers (3,100 miles) of fiber optics cable and link Haiti's 10 biggest cities.

Viettel also said that they will lay a new submarine cable that will link Haiti to Florida and they will repair the undersea link with the Bahamas that was damaged during the earthquakd and that Teleco never put into service.

Free Internet is planned for 1,300 mostly rural public schools and for government offices, hospitals and clinics.

Could Haiti actually bypass the Industrial age and zoom straight into the information age?

I am going to be an OPTIMIST and say...


What do you say?

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Will Smith says...

Teleco Haiti: Communists step in where capitalists fear to tread
Posted By Martyn Warwick, 28 May 2010 | 0 Comments | (0)
Tags: Fixed Line mobile

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Jocelyne Merisier says...

which part on Haiti I need the internet in Port-de Paix please contact me at

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Stjacques R says...

Mwen renmen sak pwal fet la poum byen diw ayisyen teka fel se paske noupa mete tet nou ansanm kife se viettel kap fel antouka mwen di viettel mesi pou peyim paske nou pagen dirijan kap panse pou

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Josette Arnoux says...

yes I am very optimist of all that. yes we can and we will always be able to God bless haiti, and it is about time that someone believe in our well been thank you viettel for choosing haiti as a

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Jean Claude says...

yes we can, and that's just the beginning of greatness.

W have been great in the pass, we will continue but it just a matter of time. Haiti is for God, and it was Him who made it for His glory.

No weapon that is for med against Haiti shall prosper.

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Jacques L says...

Well, I'm using cheap internet for this e-mail.

I'm sitting on a private beach using Haiti Access.


Take it anywhere and plug it in!!! But I look forward to even clearer, faster, cheaper internet.

Wi, nou

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Raynald Delerme says...

Cheap internet must be defined.

Today we have cheap internet in Haiti.

They are worth dial ups. The cheap one being referred here is high quality but affordable.

Gen konpayiselile ki pwal

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Sever Durosier says...

Yes, I am optimist.

I hope Haiti will be one of the mayor country in the caraibe in

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