Haiti sign Agreement with Carnival Cruise Lines to Build Resort in Tortuga Island (Ile de la Tortue)

Tourists at the Beach in Club Indigo beach resort in Montrouis Haiti
More Good news for Tourism in Haiti... The Haitian Government and Carnival Cruise Lines have just signed agreement to build a resort in Haiti's Totuga Island (Ile de La Tortue Haiti) -- Is this good news or what?

July 31, 2014, Haiti Prime Minister Laurent Lamothe tweets:

"Le Gouvernement a signé aujourd'hui un protocole d'accord avec Carnival Cruises pour la construction d'un resort sur l'Ile de la Tortue."

According to another tweet from Prime Minister Lamothe, the initial investment for the construction of this new resort at Ile de la Tortue (Tortuga Island) is estimated at $70 million.

On a personal note: Tortuga Island is one of the most popular sites in Haiti and the Caribbean as far as tourism is concerned. This land, Tortuga, is synonymous with the Pirates of the Caribbean... Hollywood already made millions and millions of dollars telling the stories of the Pirates in Tortuga. It is about time Haiti cashed in...

Good move by the Haitian Government to encourage the construction of a resort in Tortuga Island (Ile de la Tortue Haiti)... Get Disney to build a Theme Park there while you're at it... LOL...

What do you think about that?

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Raymond Charlot I would like to congratulate the Haitian Govment and Carnival cruise line Good lock
Reply · August 09 at 11:11 PM
Great News Great news because the carnival cruise line is all about fun so people will enjoy the new discover sweet haiti.
Reply · August 05 at 10:55 PM
Tanya Please build resort. That would be awsome
Reply · August 05 at 7:17 AM
Hugue Luma I think this is a very good idea its about time haiti have something good and also the haitian people will have job oppotunity.good move Mr prime... see more
Reply · August 04 at 5:51 PM
Who Investing, building or constructing work in Haiti is a great idea. What about doing the same if not more when it comes to the people. All of it, if... see more
Reply · August 03 at 1:58 PM
Sanon L Congratulations to the people of Haiti, specially to the people of Tortuga Island. The government of Martelly/Lamothe is very serious about bringing... see more
Reply · August 02 at 11:09 PM
Keller one of the very best move ever, many more to come in San Aquino project, in addition to the most talk about, ile a vaches project
Reply · August 02 at 4:21 PM
Durosier Tres bonne nouvelle, mais il faut que les clauses soient respectees!
Reply · August 02 at 12:17 PM
Carmelita Thats set good job guys good job
Reply · August 02 at 5:57 AM
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Subject: Haiti sign Agreement with Carnival Cruise Lines to Build Resort in Tortuga Island (Ile de la Tortue) edit

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