Please build resort. That would be awsome

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Please build resort.

That would be awsome

Tanya, August 5 2014, 7:17 AM

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Topic: Haiti sign Agreement with Carnival Cruise Lines to Build Resort in Tortuga Island (Ile de la Tortue)

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Can't wait to have Haiti in the mainstream of tourism. I also pray that the government will control the thugs who have no respect for human lives... read more >
Yanick Louis-jacques, 1-Aug-14 7:46 pm
and that's the problem with all these cruise destinations. It is very likely going to be private on long term lease, run by them, not much... read more >
Ain, 1-Aug-14 10:13 pm
This a good news for the hatiens people read more >
Juodel, 1-Aug-14 11:48 pm
Thats set good job guys good job read more >
Carmelita, 2-Aug-14 5:57 am
Tres bonne nouvelle, mais il faut que les clauses soient respectees! read more >
Durosier, 2-Aug-14 12:17 pm
one of the very best move ever, many more to come in San Aquino project, in addition to the most talk about, ile a vaches project read more >
Keller, 2-Aug-14 4:21 pm
Congratulations to the people of Haiti, specially to the people of Tortuga Island. The government of Martelly/Lamothe is very serious about bringing... read more >
Sanon L, 2-Aug-14 11:09 pm
Investing, building or constructing work in Haiti is a great idea. What about doing the same if not more when it comes to the people. All of it, if... read more >
Who, 3-Aug-14 1:58 pm
I think this is a very good idea its about time haiti have something good and also the haitian people will have job oppotunity.good move Mr prime... read more >
Hugue Luma, 4-Aug-14 5:51 pm
Please build resort. That would be awsome read more >
Tanya, 5-Aug-14 7:17 am
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