Haiti bans ALL its citizens from UN mission against Ebola

Haitian volunteers have been banned from departing for African countries hit by the Ebola virus, the government said on Friday, citing other diseases that have devastated the poorest country in the Western Hemisphere.

Ebola in Africa - Even Burring the Dead can spread Ebola

A statement signed by the Ministers of Health, Interior and Defense was released after news appeared on social networks that the United Nations was recruiting volunteers to respond to the Ebola outbreak.

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Here is an actual copy of the Communique de Presse signed by 3 Ministers of Haiti: Ministry of public health, MInistry of Interior, and Ministry of Defense... Click on the image to read the full text...

Haiti: EBOLA Communiqué de Presse - 2 Octobre 2014

In the document dated Oct. 2, the ministers forbade any agency to organize recruitment of Haitian volunteers, including the U.N. Mission for Ebola Emergency Response (UNMEER).

The ministers called for "the common sense of every citizen to avoid other more dramatic situations than what we have experienced in the recent past." (Read more from: Reuters)

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Ernst Molin says...

Afrique, mère du monde et nous D'Haiti, frères de ceux qu'Ebola ravage, ne pouvons participer a leur aide. Quel regret?

Mais, j'espère que la compréhension de nos frères agira, sachant: " Qu'a l'impossible nul n'est tenu ".

Car, Haiti n'est pas équipé a ce niveau.

J'prie qu'ils comprennent que la décision est due au fait de potentialité non de volonté.

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James says...

Bravo, if Haiti were to be hit by the Ebola virus, a lot of people would

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Matnik says...

Freedom to go for a few dollars, They would come back to Haiti and you would be the witnessing the eradication of Haitians...

Use your brain...

Absolute freedom is anarchy!
This is 2014 not enough problems in the country

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Michel Gagnold says...

I think it is very unfortunate for Haiti, who solely depends on foreign help to infringe upon its citizens rights to stop them from volunteering to help others in Africa! Half of the volunteers would probably sign a waiver not to come back for at least 10 years..

knowing the dire living conditions in Haiti...

It should be the individual

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Charilyn Bailey says...

I agree with that. If Ebola were to show up in Haiti, I feel like they would do little to nothing until it was too

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Candy Rieger says...

BRAVO!!!! and again, I

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Alex says...

I absolutely agree with Haiti's stance on this. When I read about the effort to have Haitian's go assist with the battle against Ebola I was beyond furious about the mere idea of this being a thought.

With all of the diseases and devastation Haiti has had to endure these past few years, this is the last thing we need. I applaud the Haitian government for this ban. Ebola isn't cholera, Haiti cannot and would not withstand an Ebola outbreak, and just as easily, Ebola in Haiti would quickly become a bigger problem than the one the U.S is possibly facing now. Haiti and their citizens needs to stay far away from

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