BRAVO!!!! and again, I say "BRAVO"!!

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BRAVO!!!! and again, I say "BRAVO" !!

Candy Rieger, October 4 2014, 4:06 PM

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Topic: Haiti bans ALL its citizens from UN mission against Ebola

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BRAVO!!!! and again, I say "BRAVO"!! read more >
Candy Rieger, 4-Oct-14 4:06 pm
I agree with that. If Ebola were to show up in Haiti, I feel like they would do little to nothing until it was too late. read more >
Charilyn Bailey, 4-Oct-14 7:30 pm
I think it is very unfortunate for Haiti, who solely depends on foreign help to infringe upon its citizens rights to stop them from volunteering to... read more >
Michel Gagnold, 4-Oct-14 8:11 pm
Freedom to go for a few dollars, They would come back to Haiti and you would be the witnessing the eradication of Haitians... Use your brain..... read more >
Matnik, 5-Oct-14 2:19 pm
Bravo, if Haiti were to be hit by the Ebola virus, a lot of people would die. read more >
James, 5-Oct-14 4:31 pm
Afrique, mere du monde et nous D'Haiti, freres de ceux qu'Ebola ravage, ne pouvons participer a leur aide. Quel regret? Mais, j'espere que la... read more >
Ernst Molin, 6-Oct-14 6:55 pm


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