First JetBlue Flight Officially Landed in Haiti

FLASH... The first JetBlue Airline flight has officially landed in Haiti... So now, American Airlines has a tough competitor to deal with... Haitians have been complaining about airline ticket prices and service for quite a while. Let's see what JetBlue brings to the table...

CFI Haiti, the government of Haiti's official Investment Facilitation Center, posted this photo with the following message on their facebook page:

"Jet blue in Haiti for the first time #Welcome #JetBlue"

Many Haitian air travelers are hoping for a relief as far as airline ticket prices are concerned... Really... Haitians want competitive airline ticket prices.

The average Haitian diaspora often opts NOT to go to Haiti for a short vacation simply for the fact that airline ticket prices are simply TOO darn expensive.

I know many Haitian air travelers who fly to the neighboring Dominican Republic, then take the bus to Haiti rather than to fly to Haiti directly.

It's amazing to see how EXPENSIVE it is to fly to Haiti compared to other Caribbean destinations.

Do you think JetBlue will bring that relief?

What do you think about this?

What would like to say to the management staff at JetBlue?

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Johnny I'm not sure about the price, but Jet Blue will be the best competitor AA will ever encounter... Just got back to Ft Lauderdale via SDQ, because AA... see more
Reply · December 10 at 12:00 PM
Regine Saint Louis We hope to have cheaper fare and better service than what we have right now.
Reply · December 06 at 7:05 PM
Peter They have the same agenda to suck our blood. A reservation for Dec 12 to Jan 2 is $ 625 coach in American Airlines. JetBlue is already more... see more
Reply · December 05 at 9:54 PM
Bellevue I believe the price will go up more because of the government. They have $135 for them. This why Haiti will never change the way they sign deal.
Reply · December 05 at 8:02 PM
Nunotte Zama It's about time that there be some competition! If JetBlue treats the Haitians right, they will take a good bite off American Airlines' monopoly.
Reply · December 05 at 6:59 PM

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