Fears of another Haiti Earthquake

Everyone is in fear that they may be another big earthquake in Haiti and they have a good reason to fear. History shows that these big earthquake monsters come in pairs.

Here is a little bit of Earthquake history of Haiti:

In 1751, a large quake hit the island that Haiti shares with the Dominican Republic. About a month later, another one destroyed Port-au-Prince.

A magnitude-7.4 quake that killed more than 18,000 people in northwestern Turkey in 1999 was followed three months later by another of magnitude-7.2 only 100 kilometers (60 miles) from the initial epicenter.

"There are many other examples like that of two significant earthquakes following each other," said Eric Calais, a geophysicist at Purdue University who said he warned the Haitian government two years ago that the country was vulnerable to a major quake.

The prospect of another quake is on the minds of planners trying to rebuild the country and on those trying to prevent more deaths.

This is a clip from an Associated press article "Fears of another quake become new Haiti boogeyman" By PAISLEY DODDS

Could this mean that the worst is not over yet for Haiti?

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