Ed Lozama Talks About a Major Issue in Haitian Society

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"We Become What We Think About Most Of The Time"
by: Woodring Saint Preux
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November 15th, 2005
Yap Pale, Nap travay!

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About Democracy

Democracy is a process by which the people are free to
choose the man who will get the blame.

Laurence J. Peter

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1 - Ed Lozama talks about the Haitian "Society" Problem
2 - A new way to save on your phone bill
3 - Recent Updates to www.HaitianInternet.com

1 - Ed Lozama talks about the Haitian "Society" Problem

If you live in Miami, you're probably amongst the audience
who listen to "Ed Lozama Live" on Planet 17 Radio

If you are not in Miami, be sure to tune in this week.

Ed Lozama, The host of "Ed Lozama Live" usually spends all
his time bringing a little bit of motivation and a lot of
laughter to his audience every morning.

This week, he has decided to discuss a topic that is very
serious and concerns every Haitian from all walks of life.

This week is talks about the inferiority complex that is
becoming the standard in Haitian society.

Why do some of us automatically assume that we are inferior
to others?

Why do some of us think we are superior because we were
blessed with education and a few dollars?

If you stop to give someone a ride in your car in Haiti, why
do some automatically jump in the back seat when the front
seat is empty?

Why does the maid prepare the rice and chicken and is given
a little of cup of "Mais moulin" to cook and share with the

Why do we treat the maids and the restavecs as second class


This is a problem and this week Ed Lozama is addressing it
on his show all week long.

France, a society we've copied so well, is now seeing the
effects of treating people like second class citizens

Perhaps the Haitian society should start doing some
"Preventive Maintenance" if you know what I mean!

Listen to Ed this week, I'll be listening as well

you can listen live on the internet.
go to: http://www.planet17radio.com/

If you are in Miami,
tune in to AM1700
from 8:00AM to 10:00AM

2 - A new way to save on your phone bill

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3 - Recent Updates to www.HaitianInternet.com

Since July 27th, we have not been able to post the Haitian
Internet Newsletter articles on our site.

We've just finish our latest update
She's back online!

You can begin to read the Haitian Internet Newsletter
articles on www.HaitianInternet.com

Now it's easier to locate previous articles
simply visit the archive section

This update made me realize something...
I've been writing articles since April 10, 2002

More than 3 years!
that's more than most marriages last!

Within the next few weeks, we will try to post all the past
articles online from June to November.

We wanted to make easy, and we did.

take a look!


Woodring Saint Preux

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All Comments (4)

Rose Cham says...

Hello Ed,

Comment allez-vous?

Je suis une nouvelle auditrice domiciliee a Maryland.

J'aime beaucoup votre programme, J'ai eu l'opportunity de voir les photos prises durant votre visite a Cavaillon, c'est emouvant, mes compliments a toi, Jeff (L'homme du peuple), Berthude, votre fille et les autres membres de "l'equipage".

Je dois aller au boulot maintenant,

A bientot Ed,

Je vous aime,

Rose Cham

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Theo says...

Hi Ed,
This is Theo; man it was really a pleasure to bump to you on the web.I'm a long time resident of Miami, now I am living in Orlando, FL. Body you're right on the money as far as the topic on the Haitian Society's problems is concern.However, do not forget the difference betwen instruction and eduction, formation and information.

Our people lack all of them. Ed do not discourage, they need education in all front.

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Rev. Amos Jean-baptiste says...

Hi Ed,

I listen to you almost every morning and I really like your show ; especially the motivation part that is a booster to my day. Thank you and keep up the good work.

About the problem you've adressed in the haitian community, is that happen only in our communities or everywhere?

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Georges Laguerre says...


I am also writing a book and i also made a statement that educated Haitian so call will not take a broom to sweep the front porch of his house.

How far can we go as a nation if that educated man would not clean his front yard?

I am with you woodring.


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