Ecole Nationale des Infirmières de Port-au-Prince - Do School Records Still Exist?

One of my readers want to know: "Was the Ecole Nationale d'Infirmieres Simone Ovide Duvalier in Port-au-Prince completely destroyed in the earthquake? If so are there records in existence somewhere for a 1974-1976 alumni? If you know, would you please share with me. I would be forever grateful to you."

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Here is what I know...

The current Haiti National school of nursing, Ecole Nationale des Infirmieres (ENIP) was founded by Simone Ovide Duvalier and used to bear her name. During the January 2010 earthquake, the school of nursing, ENIP, collapsed, 90 student and 3 instructors lost their lives that day.

Did the Records survive the earthquake?

The person who asked me is unclear as to what happened to all the school records before the earthquake.

If you know anything about the whereabouts of the school records Haiti national school of nursing , as far back as 1974, perhaps you can share that information with us.

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Marlyn Lestage-laforest says...

I would like to get in touch with you.
Please contact me at the email address above.


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Rose Carline Prophete says...

i want to participe for u school

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Nadine Beauzile says...

i like to help, contact me, its so funny we were talking about nurses in haiti on are way home in the ( E ) Train in new york city, send me information let see what can we

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Calixte Guerrier says...

If the Haiti National School of Nursing is destroyed by the earthquake; well it needs a replacement.

Guest who's gonna
replace it?

Me. That will be a good start.

Thank you! May God continue to bless you over there.

Sign Calixte Guerrier.

Ancien Candidat a la

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