Doing Business in Haiti - Do you Trust Family, Friends or Strangers to Run your Business?

I speak to many businessmen in Haiti and they tell me NEVER leave a family member to run your business... others say they dont trust anyone but family. What do you say?

Doing Business in Haiti - Business Tips
Doing Business in Haiti - Business Tips

KREYOL: Haiti - Kilès ou fè plis konfyans ak biznis ou? Fanmi? Zanmi? oswa Etranje?

When doing business in Haiti, do you trust family, friends, or strangers?

I heard stories from haitians in the diaspora who had terrible experiences leaving business partners in Haiti to run thing only to discover when they arrive that there is nothing left.

I would love to hear your personal experience on this matter.

What do you think about that?

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Entreprises En Haiti says...

Je parle à de nombreux hommes d'affaires en Haiti et ils me disent NE JAMAIS laisser un membre de la famille pour diriger votre entreprise ...

d'autres disent qu'ils ne font confiance à personne, sauf en famille.

Que dis-tu?

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Jean says...

I would say not to do business with family members.

That does not mean you cannot give them something; however, do not trust of leaving your enterprise behind expecting family members will make it progress.

It is not only for Haitians but that applies to almost every community.

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Cozy Michaels says...

As a white american who loves and goes back and forth to Haiti I am very angry right now, me and a friend of mine wanted to open a restaurant and jazz club in Petion-ville It was my dream for many years.

We brought a large amount of money to Haiti and gave it to a very close friend of mine who was like family to me. He owns the property.

We waited for things to get done and i found out he ran off with our money never using it for the restaurant.

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Subject: Doing Business in Haiti - Do you Trust Family, Friends or Strangers to Run your Business? edit

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