Does Haiti have a Cholera Problem or Lack of Political Will?

I just finished watching a CNN news report about another possible cholera outbreak in Haiti. The reason, they say, is because Haiti lacks access to clean water and the country has a huge sanitation problem, both causes of lack of money and "lack of political will" in Haiti...

Hmmm... I wonder what "Lack of Political Will" really means...

Cholera killed thousands of people in Haiti but in terms of infrastructure what has been done to prevent another outbreak?

Each year, when the rainy season comes, there is a big fear that cholera will spread because the flood water tend to bring contaminated water elsewhere.

Forget whose fault it is that cholera is in Haiti, the fact is cholera still exists in Haiti and it can still spread like wild fire...

"A cholera patient excretes the cholera bacteria in huge numbers and, if that excreta gets into the water or the food supply and other people consume it, they too will become ill and they'll amplify that by contaminating more water and more food," explains Dr. Eric Mintz, an epidemiologist with the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, in Atlanta. "That's where you see these incredibly rapid epidemics of cholera, and that tells you that the water is unsafe."

Watch a video report on CNN

QUESTION: Politically speaking, what is being done in Haiti to prevent the spread of cholera?

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Sipn says...

Pou kolera kraze rak fok pep haitien kite malprop.

Se pa premye ni denye fwa pep sa ap pran nan kolera rezilta move chwa paske pep te vann vote yo pou mil goud ak yon moun ki pa bayo regle anyen pou

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Subject: Does Haiti have a Cholera Problem or Lack of Political Will? edit

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