Do you know who the devil is? I just met one of my many devils

The devil is when everything is going your way and all of a sudden some asshole comes from out of nowhere and sh*ts on your parade.

I've met one of my little devils recently and ever since he left a big hole in my pocket.

No the devil is not that red guy with horns that they're preaching you in church. The devil is all of the things and people around you who simply get on your nerves and makes your life a living hell.

Say hello to one of my little devils:

I drive my car everyday and I take care of the regular car stuff. Oil changes, tires, you know, the normal wear and tear.

One afternoon, and idiot driver comes from out of nowhere and hits my car smack in my front driver side tire. Ever since that day, I have been going through hell with my favorite car. I've been spending money on auto repairs I was not ready for.

I have been wasting money on my car ever since that day.

These new cars, I've discovered, have a lot of aluminum parts in their suspension system. Everything works fine assuming nothing goes wrong like a freaking stupid driver hitting you sideways on your front suspension.

His auto insurance will only cover what the adjuster can see and prove, his insurance adjuster said.

All the rest, that's my problem.

My little devil probably fixed his bumper by now and me, I'm stuck with an expensive suspension repair. Brake job, rotors, struts, axle, you mame it.

When all of this is done, hopefully, my car will stop eating my tires for breakfast. And I can finally get it aligned.

Do you know who your devil is? Lol....

You better keep an eye out because they are devils everywhere already to ruin your life personally, emotionally and for sure financially.

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