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April 20th, 2005

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Wednesday Apr 20, 2005

Is there construction going on in Labadie Haiti and is The
Haitian Government and the people aware of it?

There is a friend of mine that just left my house and he
told me he saw on the travel channel that something is
happening near Cap Haitien. My guess is Labadie.

He said they are building a structure (a dock I guess) to
accommodate up to 3 cruise ships at time. I think this is a
great thing but how will it benefit Haiti's economy.

as I understand it. The tourist don't even know they are in
Haiti when they go to Labadie.

The tourist are not allowed to leave the area and mingle
with the natives!

My questions are...

Who is running Labadie?

Who is making decisions there?

What is it, a town?

A City?

or just an amusement park?

Who is making money?

What the Hell is going on?

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Tuesday Apr 19, 2005


Should Haitians who came here under age 9 be deported back
to Haiti after they commit a crime?

I'm trying to see if you guys think it is fair for Haitians
who grew up here be ok to get sent back to Haiti after they
commit a crime.

They grow up here and can barely speak the Creole language
so technically they are Americans because that is the only
culture that they know so let me know what you guys make of
deportation on Haitians that were in the United States since
they were like 7 years old.

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Wednesday Apr 20, 2005

John Paul II and Democracy

Was John Paul II a champion of human freedom as George Bush
described him?

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Tuesday Apr 19, 2005

Is it OK for Duvalier and everyone to come back to Haiti?

We all have skeletons in our closets, Who has to make
the decision for a full amnesty. I really think it's time
for all Haitians to forgive each other.

I honestly think ni duvalieris, ni lavalas,
they should all say hell with it. have you read
haiti's history? it sucks.

every leader we've had has either been dead of exiled.
I honestly think it's time for an amnesty

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