Death of Haitian musician Jean-Robert Herisse aka Porky

Haitian musician Jean-Robert Herisse aka Porky passed away yesterday, Wednesday, December 17, 2008.

Better Known as Porky, is father of Bass player , and his name is forever engraved in the history of famous Haitian compas bands and .

What do you remember about Porky?

According to an article by, "Porky was one of the pioneers of the Mini Jazz movement that forever transformed Konpa music in the 70's.

All Haitians who grew up in Haiti in the 70's and the 80's know the famous sone "" by . Why you may not know is the song's co-writer is aka Porky.

Porky was the greatest rival of Haitian legendary guitar and he has worked with some of the Legends of Haitian Compas Music like , , , and who, according to Opamizik, " went through the D.P. school of music".

aka Porky is considered one of most gifted Haitian bass players of his generation and a great volley-ball player.

What do you remember about Porky?

Radio Kiskeya reported that Porky left the music scene after suffering from a heart atack. Porky, who was also suffering from Diabetes, died yesterday, Wednesday, December 17, 2008, in his residence

"The Train" was the mascot of the legendary band . It looks like "The Train" had to make another stop to drop off Mr. to his final destination.

Hollywood Actor Will Smith once said "When I leave this earth, I want to leave it better than when I arrived." I think earned his entry into my hall of fame, the hall I call "Eternal life on earth", doing something positive for your country and your countrymen so that they never forget your name until Jesus returns.

What do you remember about Porky?

Our condolences to the Herisse family and all Haitian Compas music fans around the world

I am Woodring Saint Preux and I said it.

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Mohammad Rashidioun says...

Who was the vocalist of the

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Stanley Leonard says...

When I was first reading this e-mail I had no idea who Jean- Robert Herisse was but somehow I thought about Stanley Herisse from Kreyol and I thought maybe they're related maybe not. Let's make the long story short and the short story even shorter now I know who he is and my condoleances go to the Herisse family but especially to Stanley because Kreyol is one of my favorite groups and I can imagine what u are going through specially when a loved one dies be strong and may Ur father rest in peace.

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