Cuba Opens Their Air Space For US-Haiti Rescue Flights

The Cuban government is allowing the United States to send medical evacuation flights with victims of the Haiti earthquake through restricted Cuban airspace.

Using this Cuban airspace will cut down Emergency flights from Guantanamo Bay to Miami by 90 minutes in each direction.

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Andy says...

I would like to said thanks to all of you for helping my people in Haiti.

May God continue to bless

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Jamhson B. says...

Thank, God
and thank you Castro
Why don't you leave it open for all time?

The world is coming at its end
That's a time for us to be

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Isaac Michel says...

Thank you so much Mr Castro! You proove that human life is much more important than any other interests.



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Glenn D says...

Hang in there, Im in Alabama and I just gave $250 to the Red Cross anonymously.

Help is coming, Im so sorry for your losses.

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Negbelair says...

To all the people around the world, I would like to thank all of you for taking the time to care for my beloved HAITI.

Until now, I did not realize how much the world love HAITI, so much love and compassion from around the world is being poued into Haiti and i am so ovewhelmed by it, I have teas in my eyes. I gess all i am tying to say is thank you all May God bless you and keep all of you safe while helping my people i love you all. again deep down my heawt thank

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Special Thanks says...

I am so Happy to thank everyone who helps My country.

I feel how much you care about the earthquakeGod will bless you all for your supports.

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Kathia says...

What the heck are you talking about?

Come on

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Kerlando Jerome says...

I have no word to say THANKS to the international comunity for your support toward Haiti, that s really make me feel that we as haitian peopleafter God we are not alone, i am so greatful for all of you have left your home land have left your families, to come to rescue my dera haitian brothers i am really appreciate that may the Lord continue to bless your families and your nations.

thanks thanks thanks

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Rubens Pierre says...

I was surprised when I see that Haiti

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Vanite says...

this is a stupid thing never heard & i think this guy need to see a docter he's

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