Comparing Haiti to The Dominican Republic Part 1 - The Terrain

Last week, I was standing on top of a building in Santo Domingo and something caught my attention: There are no mountains!

So I said to myself... Who the hell decided to give them the other side of the Island?

I mean... As far as the eye could see, there seems to be no mountains in the capital Santo Domingo. I noticed a hill or two, but no mountains like we have in Haiti.

Have you ever driven from Haiti to the Santo Domingo, the only mountain on the way to Santo Domingo is right near the border and it is more like a hill... then, town after town, the earth is flat.

So in a sense, comparing Haiti to the Domincan Republic is like comparing apples to Oranges.

What do you mean Woody?

Well... on a flat land, you can build straight roads... and road building is much easier... Right?

I am not an engineer but I am wondering... If we have build a complex highway system in Haiti to connect all the Haitian cities, How do you ZOOM from Port-au-Prince to Jacmel going 65 miles per hour with a massive mountain (Morne KARATE) in the way...

How can there be a 4 lane highway from Port-au-Prince to Hinche Haiti with the mighty mountain, Morne KABRIT, in the way.

Haiti really needs to invest in some Tunnel Boring Machines... I am not kidding!

There are some other issues related to the mountains in Haiti. I was so shocked when I read this.

Did you know that the mountains can block the RAIN???

Haiti Vs. Domincan Republik - Environmental differences

Here's what I read at

In contrast, the Haitian side is drier because of that barrier of high mountains blocking rains from the east.

Compared to the Dominican Republic, the area of flat land good for intensive agriculture in Haiti is much smaller, as a higher percentage of Haiti's area is mountainous. There is more limestone terrain, and the soils are thinner and less fertile and have a lower capacity for recovery.

I am not trying to give Haiti's leaders an excuse but we have to admit it, connecting Haiti's cities is challenge.

What do you think?

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Dr1 says...

Ignorant at is best! Do some more study of the Dominican terrain.

I'll give you a hint; La cordillera central, just to name something.

By the way, you go very often to DR...Impressed?

Do you like it?

Ah, who decided to "give us" that part of the island?

Us, when we became independent of your regimen.

Want it

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Ricart says...

""Who the hell decided to put us there"."

Your White masters, maybe?

Haitians seems to have forgotten the circumstances in which you arrived to this continent called

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Ricart says...

" And I said the same thing, what where they thinking to let them have all the flat lands?"

Come to the Dominican Republic and get all the flat land you want. I'm certain the Dominican Army will be

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Nanoush says...

St thomas is equally mountaineous.they use it to their advantage.let's put our energy into something that will benefit the country.

we are not the

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Erdal says...

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Jboogy says...

Thanks Stephan, you've answer my question.

Back then, mountain=coffee and wealth, mountain=tactical protection from les blanc menacing invasions.

That was the thinking back then therefore the mountaneous side was very attractive.

We just have not been able to use the mountain to our best. Thanks

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Miejo says...

I love my country, I can't existe without my mountains Haiti is very very rich, but our people need education I love my country, my people...

My country is rich! Haiti pap mouri neg haitien fet pou yo mete tet yo ansanm se sa ki va fet pep la jere richess

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Fredereic Theogene says...

Si morne nan dapre wou ou panse kel pa bon oubyen inferieur se fo ok ti pap paske plantasyon an se te la nan st doming li te toujou ye granmet yo ak esclav a talent yo abite nan morne ki se blan franse yo tout te ye epi ti panyol la nan kan'n kom ti afranchi mulatro konsa bel negres tonbe abo revolisyone kako tonbe laba ki koz mornes yo pa

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Jboogy says...

Greetings Mr Woodring and staff.

Its irionnic that I just recently visited the Dominican Republic for the first time. I flew over the mountains to Saint Dominque from Port-au-Prince and my first reaction and thinking was the same "who decided on which side of the Island is ours. I saw flat land as soon as we crossed the lake Enriquillo all the way the capital.

Than I said uhmmm, agricutural land/plains overthere.

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Cj says...

I'm currently resides in Italy.Just this past weekend my Cousins and I, we were remembering our childhood in Haiti.

While visiting with me we went on a road trip from Rome to Venice, going thru Florence the main highway is the worst curvy and more tunnels I've ever encounter on one road because of the terrain.

I mentioned to them if Haiti (the Government) would invest in adding a few tunnels to the south and the north the roads would be much safer and easier to get around and down size of the cars (from U.S standard SUV to European such as Fiat) the people drives now it can be better.

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