Coming to Haiti, The World's Largest Cruise Ship

The largest cruise ship in the world is heading to Haiti starting December, 2009. The cruise ship, Oasis of the Seas, has the capacity to bring up to 6000 tourists to Labadie beach in Haiti each and every week.

Oasis Of the Seas - Royal Caribbean Cruise Lines
Oasis Of the Seas - Royal Caribbean Cruise Lines

Remember I told you change is coming to Haiti? Well this is just the beginning of all the changes that are coming to Haiti.

Grenadiers A L'avant...
Sak ret deye zafe ayo...

Oasis of the Seas is a brand new Caribbean cruise ship owned by royal Caribbean cruises.

It's BIG...
It's Huge...
It's a humongous,

Oasis of the Seas has it's own central park right in the middle of it.

Watch the Video: Oasis Of The Seas, Largest Caribbean Cruise Ship Been to Haiti recently?
Tell us about your trip...

Starting in December 2009, Royal Caribbean Cruises This new cruise ship, Oasis of the Seas, the largest cruise ship in the world, to a weekly stopover at the northern Haiti beach resort of Labadee.

Tourism and is back in Haiti... Remember I told you change is coming to Haiti... and change is bringing up to 6000 tourists. each and every week, to Labadie beach in Haiti.

And that's just the beginning...

There's more information that I have to share with you.

Stay tuned

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Ronchetti says...

Nice post,
Thanks for the effort you took to expand upon this topic so thoroughly.

I look forward to future posts.

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Jhon17 says...

why is that?

the beach is a private beach but it is part of

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Will says...

That was one of the nice step of change to Haiti.

I wish soon there will be many other

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Gogo says...

I do agree with you.For this to happen we need investors, we need people who can create those connections between haitien government and those cruise travel agency.

we need to transform those place more touristically friendly.

By the way, i visited Saint Louis du sud and there is a nice little island in the middle of the sea. During summer time, people cross over the little island on watch, boat to visit it and come back and it is so nice to look at it.I said to myself that could be a tourist place but it just there, and that much could be done with that piece of

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Berthauny Bernard says...

this is a good news for Haiti but my point is i don't want tourists go only Labadee but all over the country like Cap -Jacmel etc.Now that's could help the country economic grow

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Negbelair says...

I will do more homework on that and get back to you. You see the Dominicans want to be Haitians so bad, and they can't be.They hate us to the point of even claiming something like that, i don't know for sure if they have it on their web site or not, but one thing I do know for sure LABADEE is in HAITI not Santodomingo, and as far as the tax from RC goes, I believe Haiti is getting it because a lot of things are going on there, like road construction, schools, social service, more police on the

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Michel Louis says...

I know Labardie is part of Haiti, but my problem is, is it leases to the RC or the Dominican Republic?

Because, I was on a Dominican Website, I saw that Labardie is on their list as one of the place you can visit when you take a trip to the Dominican Republic.

Is it the Dominican government who gets pay and they pay us. Like you said, do the math. 6000 people a week, $6 per person that gives you $36000 a week. Who's getting that money?

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Fabiola says...

that's great?I am happy.

One of those days i will take this trip to go to Haiti.

Finally change is coming but i hope more for

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Gogo says...

Light out of the tunnel.Let's see the big picture.

Tourism will bring back our artisanal production, our paint, our rhum barbancourt, our Karabela, our troobadou.Our uniqueness as haitians.

Tourism do like to buy souvenir.

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Ti Chouchou says...

hellooooooooooooo thank you for that good idea, contract,everything, for the tourist in haiti, but did you make a campagne of nettoyage (cleaning) first brother because is gonno be good for the big country to start for the tourist the cleaning is the basic job for the big boat good job brothers or sisters bye the way if you need the passport us to go there is not haiti country and they suppose to have the passport to came to the big country, brother give us some
explanations about it

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