Car Accidents - Auto Insurance in Haiti, is it true what they say?

Have you ever been involved in a car accident in Haiti? There is something about driving there that scares me... I've been told that if you get into an accident in Haiti, and God forbid you injure somebody, although you have car insurance, you are responsible for the full care of that person, hospital bill and all... Is that true?

I heard this from more than one driver and it's scary!

I would love to hear a true story from you if you have any experience in this matter.

I heard of a diaspora who sent a vehicle to Haiti for traffic. That vehicle got into a accident, he had to dish out a lot of money for the healh care of every one involved in the car accident.

If this is true then, the OAVCT insurance on your vehicle, what is it good for?

What do you KNOW about this?

Reply with your comments.

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Rosemene says...

As a us citizen, went in Haiti, by driving my car heat a bouret and the bouret hit a years old girl in the street around 9pm,, I don't understand Haiti, PEOPLE, immediately your car hit some one they try to put fire on the driver with the car is not supposed to be like that, what the government said about that, hmm, even the car insurer hmm, the owner of the car supose to help, for the hospital bill and help the injured family, what the insurance stand

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Diaspora says...

Mwen tande gen yon lot kalite asirans machin yo bay Haiti apa de OAVCT, mwen ta bien renmen gen kek infomation sou

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Subject: Car Accidents - Auto Insurance in Haiti, is it true what they say? edit

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