BOT Project Financing - Could That Help Develop Haiti Faster?

I was always wondering what the proper term was for when a company comes into a country like Haiti, builds something, operates it, and hands it over to the government after a number of years.

Haiti Open For Business

While listening to the online town hall meeting held my candidate Michel Martelly yesterday, I found out that there is actually a name for it.

It's called "BOT" (build-operate-transfer) - Also called BOOT (build-own-operate-transfer)

Build-Operate-Transfer (BOT), in Haitian term, is a form of project financing, wherein a private entity operates under a contract or license associated with a degree of exclusivity in business in Haiti from the private or public sector to finance, design, construct, and operate that business. (source: Wikipedia)

This enables the project proponent to recover its investment, operating and maintenance expenses in the project.

Say for example, a big corporation like MARIOTT wants to develop an beach area in Haiti by building a resort. The government would allow them to build it, run it for say 20 years, then hand it back to the government.

In those 20 years, that big corporation would receive some form of a tax break, let's say, from the Haitian government that would allow them to recover the cost of building and running the resort, and of course make a profit. (What's in it for them?)

Something like that, I believe, is a good way to develop our coastal areas... after all... who among us has the pockets deep enough to build such a gigantic project.

If some of us do... Kiyes nan nou ki gen volonte-a tout bon? (Who's willing to do it for real?)

Let's not forget the number of jobs that would be created and other countless side jobs that would be created as a results of the increased activities in that area.

Also, the positive promotion that would come out of it for our country.

It is true that Jamaica is a poor country, but there is this area that the locals call "tourist town" and because or it, I constantly see commercials on television in the United States singing "Come to Jamaica and you will be all right!"

I wouldn't mind having that for Haiti...

What do we have to do to make it happen?

What do you think about that?

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Miejo says...

souhaitons BOT pour haiti vit vit vit, vit Could that Develop Haiti ! a
wap mande maladi si'l bezion

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Sergo Jean says...

It's very nice, I hope to see a project like that, but I do not believe that will happen.The world for itself is in trouble right now and tout moun ki gen cob yo comance fe bac nan yon seri de bagay, yo pa investi nan anyen paske gen yon pe lakay tout moun pou des rezons inconu.Pou mwen tout sa ou we neg ap di de Haiti, ke se comunote internasyonal, candida a la prezidans, senate,depute, ancien prezidan, prezidan e zot tout se blof pou yo ka rive nan tet peyi pou al siyen papier bay neg ki rich pou ka vin pran ter d'Haiti pou yo pou regle prop zafe yo san intere pep pa ladan.Men yo panse, se sel yo menm ki interligent dan le monde, le yo pote ed bay mounn le ou recevoi kec sac duri kek gren poi e manteg sa pral prouve yo gen capacite pou dirige pep epi yap vin prezidan yon di tout neg sa yo yo wrong e yo mal panse, si se te consa Haiti tap gentan loin epi plu bel peyi o monde.

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Franck says...

I will say go for it. Just imagine if after Duvalier we had 5 resorts in every coastal on Haiti by now the Government will have own them and the labor for Haiti could have been $2.50 an hour instead of day. Because tourist will have visit Haiti with security in place.


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Myrtho says...

The BOT Financial Project is a very good approach to resolve the problems.

It is about time to put the country into the right track to move forward.That will make me very

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David Grant says...

Presently, Haiti is in no position to attract foreign investors.

It has to regulate this volatile political climate that is plaguing the country.

And this is up to the politicians and the Haitian people to arrive at the decision to stabilize these political mishaps.

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Negbelair says...

that would definately work in Haiti's favor especially with the subject of oil and natural gas in Haiti.

It seems like no one wants to talk about it when it's all over the internet why won't any body mention oil and natural gas one of the largest reserve in the world underneath port-au-prince why are we scared to talk about it?

let's get foreign companies to come and drill for our natural resources and develp Haiti.

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Josy says...

I have seen it done in other countries, and the government cannot do it all. I do not see the companies here taking over the US government, because they provide benefits for their employees and I do not understand where you coming from with your state of mind. I have visited all five continents, south america, and the islands.

Where have you been?

Do you know what I am talking about?

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Jan Pingga says...

In other words, you waant the companies to play the role of government by providing the services Governments and/or living wages shouldnprovide.

Don't be surprised then if company men/people take over the

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Josy says...

I like the idea very much, and would rather private Haitian investors take over after 20 years.

I would like to add a couple requests, and would require that the company builts all the roads in the area. We had Reynolds extracting "aluminium", and I believe the company found gold or perhaps diamonds.

The roads that lead to the company is not paved, and it upsets

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Marck says...

Great idea cepedantwe have to make sure we are ready because if i spend one million US $ in a place i do not intend to loose it after i built it because someone claim it is their land. We have to make sure this pratice stop because of corup Casagnol Henry ceant Philipe ALfonse, et dautre with the
same credential, including Judge in civil court in Haiti and the justice department..Now in Haiti every one is capable of loosing, their land or house because it is OK to do so.I am aware of several people in this situation in PAP
ET PETIONVILLE Any notaire could Make any paper in Haiti with the complicite of the Judge and the service of IMPOT OR

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