Bill Clinton Talks About Haiti, Watch The Video

Watch a 45 minute video of Bil Clinton talking about Haiti. 'If you have not listened to Bill Clinton's speech on Haiti I strongly recommend you to do so. The work that he is doing on our behalf is very promising."

President Bill Clinton and President Rene Preval on a Road Trip, Preval is driving
President Bill Clinton and President Rene Preval on a Road Trip, Preval is driving

These are not my words but the words of my friend Jean Rico Celestin.

Watch the video of President Bill Clinton at the America Conference and tell us...
What do you think about it?

I started to watch the video and he is right, to work that bill Clinton is going on behalf of Haiti the sounds are promising. For your convenience you can watch the video right here. be sure to post comments about it.

Thank you, Rico, for this find.

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Theresa Grant says...

My organzation Make A Difference NOW is putting aside money to rebuild classrooms in Haiti at the end of February and we are looking for volunteers to help with construction, painting and spending time with the orphaned

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Cornelia East says...

I am in Haiti for the first time. I do not believe that donations will do any good here. The infrastructure needs to be rebuilt and giving money to the government to build it is like throwing it away. As was explained to me today by a Hatian friend, if there is $100 allocated for roads, by the time the money passees through the hands of government officials, there is only $10 left and $10 doesn't buy much road building.

There needs to be attitude change on the part of Haitians and those here and those who have moved away have to ultimately take responsibility for change.

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Wilfrid says...


It seems like you are a true Haitian.

This is my dream to a better Haiti.

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Taylor Laguerre says...

Now is the time for all good Haitians to come to the help of their country.

It's true that a lot of people want to help us, but we need to show more initiatives or sort of lead the way.

A lot of hard work is needed to repair the years of neglect .Let's do it this

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William E. Josma says...

I have been waiting for this time, I looking forward to see for the year to come, what blue print is being put together to get this thing done, I am willing to help in any way I can help wether by donation or going to Haiti and help construct thing or sweeping what ever I can do to help, Haiti need Help badly and I believe with Presisident Clinton determination and Love for Haiti We will move forward, Haiti is where I am from, I want to be apart of that change So one day my child can be proud to say that she is Haitian and her Daddy was apart of that change in

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Kopykat232002 says...

no habla espaniol english.

i dont read or speak spanish..

i am trying to learn, so therefore i need to take a class for that, i am in the process of doing

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Burrowes says...

Mientras que los pueblos de

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Kopykat232002 says...

The speech was great..; I truly believe that Bill Clinton.

can too get all of us as soldiers to line up and get this thing done. it is going to required a lot of help unselfish help, people who are going to put the interest of Haiti first not themselves.

that is why i am hoping that Bill Clinton, have people he can trust in his corner, people who are not going to dip their fingers in the pot.

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Associated Press says...

Haiti: Bill Clinton Expresses Optimism on Foreign Investments

Former President Bill Clinton said a large turnout on Thursday at an investors conference in

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