Beliwood: The State Of The Union Address!

How is the Haitian movie Industry doing? Woodring Saint Preux gives his opinion about the industry and makes some suggestions.

Beliwood, April 25 2008

From the Desk Of Woodring Saint Preux

There has been an undeniable upgrade in the quality of the Haitian movies these days. The stories are getting better and the image quality has improved a great deal.

As a Haitian filmmaker, you can't just slap up a couple of scenes together and call it a movie. Haitian consumers will not tolerate it. Why should they? After all, A Haitian DVD costs the same as any American DVD.

Let's just say that "Haitian Kon-n Gou Bouch Yo!" Well not all of us, only those of us who has been exposed to the outside world. We've seen quality, we've smelled it, we've tasted it, and we don't want anything less.

Let's be honest here, all Haitian movies are low budget movies however...

There are some minimum requirements for a GOOD Haitian movie:

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Richard M Joseph Iii says...

I agree with you, brother.

You've got a good point.

Instead of finding a way to relieve the unending tension in Haiti, many people believe that the present president, René Préval, and all the ones that preceded him before, should be overthrown and replaced in order to resolve the problem--high-cost living "la vi chè." Everyone is moving from the countryside to settle in the city, aggravating the situation.

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