Domestic Violence - Battered women in Haiti

We deplore this practice. Many men today still, beating and abusing their wives in Haiti.

Men vs Women - How are men and women different?
Men vs Women - How are men and women different?

This practice takes alarming proportions in all the social layers, particularly among the dominant classes.

It is time to jump above, to stop this violence because it is crippling the development of our country.

We've met psychopathes who laugh, and tried without fear to justify their behavior. They revived to us horrible moments... a brutal and barbaric reality.

They are complain about a certain tyrant downtown forgeting that they are domestic tyrants.

Many Haitian women live in captivity by their own husbands.

The laws exist, the institutions exist nominally but the attempt to protect Haitian women abused by their husbands is ineffective and null.

Would that partly explains this sudden explosion of deviance? Is this an unconscious reaction of young women traumatized as of childhood by the brutality and the unverifiable lack of respect of certain Haitian husbands?

One needs tough measurements to discourage the practice of abusing Haitian the women... of the shackles, some kicks, blows with a stick here and there.

These men turn love into a degrading feeling.

Our intervention: We are against the idea that a man beats his wife under any circumstances... We denounce this conspiracy of silence around a retrograde practice tolerated for 200 years.

We initially suggest strong measurements, the intervention of the psychologists and all the bureaucratic framework afterwards.

This is part of the Respect For The Haitian Woman articles series by HaitiCentral.

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