Activists Want France To Repay The Haiti Independence Money

Do you know how much Haiti had to pay for you to be free? 21 Billion Dollars... And now "La France" is being asked by a new international group to repay the $21 billion that Haiti was forced to pay for your freedom.

Haiti France Reparations Controversy

This time it is NOT a hoaks like last month!

Voice of America reports: An international group of writers and academics is calling on France to reimburse Haiti that the Caribbean nation was forced to pay to secure its independence 200 years ago.

The group, which includes journalists and members of the European parliament, made the appeal to French President Nicolas Sarkozy in an open letter published Monday in the French newspaper Liberation.

The letter has also been signed by members of parliament from Europe, Canada and the Philippines, along with scholars, journalists and activists in France, Haiti, the US, Canada, the UK, Nigeria, Sierra Leone and Germany.

Rayi chen an, di dan-l blan... President Aristide did ask France for the loot!

The article says: "In 2003, then-Haitian President Jean-Bertrand Aristide also demanded that France repay the money. Monday's letter accuses Paris of responding to that demand by helping the effort to oust the Aristide government a year later."

Things that make you go Hmmmmmmm!!!

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Makandal says...

Haiti is the only country which paid its former colonial master a heavy price for freedom.

In the years when the African countries earned their independences from France, England, Belgium, Portugal etc they did not have to pay nothing to no one.
It is unfair that Haiti had to suffer so early in 1804 with this debt. Shame on you France !!!!
Give the money back

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Nixon says...

Yeah, its funny Aristide is the only president that dared stand up to the Imperial powers.

No wonder they called him all names in the book. Of course he had to be removed at once and summarily sent back to

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Dieuseul says...

Since I was a child I've been heard that Haiti had to pay france for its inddpence but I never understand why?

if anybody knows why Haiti had to pay please feel free to reply to my post. By the way don't think I'm an idiot to ask that question cause Haiti is my country and I need to learn about

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Agella says...

We have to be happy if that happen.

But who is going to take care of that money.

Guys, Now its the time for us to put the right man at thr right place.

Now its the time to do something realy good for the country.

we ccan't stand only all good sentences.

we our they traet people so now it is the

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Miggy says...

It's ashame that the world had let this happened.


Not only France need to give Haiti its money back. They have to give it with INTEREST AND AN OPOLOGY LETTER ATTACHED TO IT FOR THE WORLD TO

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Johnny says...

Thanks to

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Guy Comeau says...

Yes, I believe it is the only honorable thing to do: Give the money back to

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David Grant says...

Restoration has been a new political and philosophical thought circulating the lenght and breath of the Carribbean.

Unlike Haiti who had to pay for the nation to remain free, the other Caribbean Island are demanding restoration.

They contend that their european slave masters and their countries had benefitted from the sweat and tears of their forefathers in the inhumane and immoral practice of slavery.

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Kopiro says...

yeah France give that money back it doesn't belong to

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