About The "Le Secret Devoile" Movie Premier

I would like to say something about Mr. Francois Turnier,

The producer of Haitian Movie "Le Secret Devoile"

His movie premieres is on 23rd of December in Norwalk CT

There's more...

In the two years I spent building the Haitian Movie Database
- www.Belfim.com - Mr. Turnier is the first person in the
movie industry who said "Woody, give me your address, I
realy appreciate what you are doing and I want to send you
my contribution".

Mr. Turnier offered me an "ALL Expense paid" trip to Norwalk
CT to be at the Premier of his movie "Le Secret Devoile".

Honestly, he made me realize how important www.Belfim.com is
to the Haitian Movie Industry.

"I want to introduce you to the crowd", He told me.

I am just the website builder. Most of the time I only look
at it from the inside.

Thank you, Sir, for going beyond "you're doing a good job
for the community". that's what I usually get but for some
reason my electric company will not accept that as a form
of payment.

I've decided not to go the premier of "Le Secret Devoile"
because my birthday is on the 24th and Christmas is on the

But because I was offered a plane ticket, A stay at the
Fancy Hotel, and a Limo to pick me up at the airport, I feel
pretty special!

I wanted to think Mr. Turnier publicly and wish him good

More info about the premier here:

More ifo about the movie here:

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