4.6 Magnitude Earthquake Hits Haiti Last Night!

Yet Another Earthquake Panic - There was an earthquake in Haiti last night...

Earthquake in Haiti
Earthquake in Haiti

Residents of Haiti were in a state of panic as the 4.6 Magnitude earthquake hits around.

People ran to the streets in fear...

This is another reminder that "Goudougoudou" is still something to be prepared for...

According to the United States Geological Studies, a magnitude 4.6-quake was centered 24 miles (38 kilometers) southeast of the capital of Port-au-Prince Haiti and had a depth of 3 miles (4.9 kms). The earthquake struck at 9:51pm Wednesday March 7 2012.

Are you in Haiti? Did you experience it?

Did you talk to someone who did?

Tell us about it, Reply with your comments

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Prokopiy says...

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Nahomi says...

Probably desperately cycnial by me, but the thought I cannot get out of my mind is that there are business people around with pre-prepared plan of action for just such event.

The so called Disaster Capitalism is honed perfectly to benefit from these things.

I expect that, like in Poland and Russia after overthrow of communism, Iraq after overthrow of Saddam and Thailand after tsunami, influential and rich locals will get much, much richer, multinational corporations will take over local businesses, the average income and GNP will rise handsomely and 70% of population will experience drop in living

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Shaun says...

well i have noticed a few tgihns lately and have been doing a bit of study about it ever since the quake in my own country new zealand.now i will tell you my findings 1980s there were 4 big quakes in 10 yrs1990s there were 6 big quakes in 10 yrs2000s there were 13 big quakes up until 20102011 so far there have been 1 in christchurch it wasnt huge but it was shallow and that was the whole problem with that 1then Japan well what can you say about that quake, how about unimaginable.the next thing i have started to notice is that in most quakes the aftershocks only last a few weeks, but christchurch has had aftershocks since the first quake that hit there last year and it aint stopping but to make matters worse is that all these after shocks are shallow.then japan well the aftershocks there are both shallow and rather stronge.

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Okey Dokey Eh says...

I got your back mwen hermana.

Mwen bien merci.

I amour mwen haitians friends too. Pa jamn bliye Haitians.


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Brenda From Canada says...

Mesi okey dokey...pase bon nwi
kom yon wi?


Mwen bien.


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Okey Dokey says...

Good for you Brenda I am with you all the way. Lillie I think Miss Brenda has said it all. I aswell have supported the Haitian communities and wish to GOD I could do much more. Yes I have friends in St. Marc Haiti, am I concerned HELL YA. For them and everyone else. So have fun flying your

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Brenda From Canada says...

You know nothing about me. I don't appreciate your smart comment! I do alot for the Haitian people including the orphanges, so don't talk to me about caring and worrying for all of the people in Haiti.

I just wanted to know if anyone could tell me how close, the recent 4.6 earthquake last night, was to Cap-Haitian area. Please there is no need to be ignorant.

Many haitian people know of me and I am friends with many of them, in person and on line. I have never ever said any bad about any Haitian.

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Lilie says...

Oh, it's just an earthquake that had happen before and killed many.
i think you should be concerned about everyone in Haiti, not just your friend.

I'm just

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Sergo Jean says...

I support the topic and i do believe there will be more, in the future; Because Jesus Christ said ce qui arrivera aux jours de Noe arrivera de meme aux jours du Fils de l'homme.

Les gens mangeaient, buvaient, se mariaient, etaient donnes en mariage, jusqu'au jour ou Noe entra dans l'arche; Le deluge vint et les fit tous perir.

Il en sera comme au temps de Loth.Les gens mangeaient, buvaient, achetaient, vendaient, plantaient, batissaient.

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Brenda From Canada says...

Does anyone know how close the quake was to Ouanaminthe (Haiti)?

I am concerned for my friends who live there.

Please, if ANYONE has information for me please reply to my comment.

I will check in later.

Thank you in Advance.

Pase bon

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