21 Haitian Men Suing Fairfield University For Sexual Abuse

This just in... Fairfield University (Fairfield CT) is being sued by Twenty-one Haitian men for sexual abuse they suffered as children in a school in Cap-Haitien Haiti founded by Douglas Perlitz, a University alumni and convicted pedophile...

Father Paul Carrier, The Haiti Douglas Perlitz Sexual Scandal

Douglas Perliz was sentenced to 19 years in prison as a pedophile for sexually abusing students for more than a decade at his school in Haiti. Now 21 of these kids, now adult Haitian men, are suing Fairfield University for tens of millions of dollars.

How is Fairfield University connected to this case?

Well... it's a little more complicated than passing the bucket to collect charity donation for the poor little children of Haiti, as Fairfield University lawyers are saying...

Here's the real scoop: convicted pedophile Douglas Perlitz claims he got his MASISI/homosexual degree (so to speak) at Fairfiled University! LOL...

Here is what I read on Courant.com...

At the time he was sentenced, Perlitz blamed his abuse of children on what he called a "dark and abusive" relationship he had with a priest while a student at Fairfield University. Although Perlitz did not publicly identify the priest, the lawsuits filed this week claim that Perlitz told some of his victims that "Carrier [Paul E. Carrier] was the one who introduced Perlitz to homosexual activities when Perlitz was a student."

Who is Paul E. Carrier?

Rev. Paul Carrier, a charismatic Jesuit priest, close mentor to Perlitz and the longtime director of Fairfield University's Campus Ministry program (ctpost.com) and head of the board of the Haiti Fund, the charity which funded Project Pierre Toussaint, the school where all these allegation took place

Watch this video news report of the sentencing the Christian Missionary Douglas Perlitz in the Haiti Child sex abuse case:

The lawsuits, filed in behalf of 21 now-adult Haitian men by lawyers from New Haven, Boston and New York, Courant.com reports.

Hmmmm... People do crazy things in the name of love and in the name of Jesus!

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David Grant says...

No one should be surprised at this revelation.

It is known that homosexuality has always been a problem within the rank of the Roman Catholic Brothers and fathers.

There had been many complaints against them, in the church in the schools and in the monasteries.

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