1er Janvier, 2004 - Message a La Nation!

"If opportunity doesn't knock, build a door!"

- Milton Berle -

This is NOT another Dr. Martin
Luther King 'I Have A Dream' Speech but All Haitians need to hear this!
Article by: Woodring Saint Preux

2004 is here!

I would like to say Happy New Year but I don't think it's enough.

I would like to tell you that everything will be fine if we just put our heads together but you've been hearing that same old speech for 200 years now and... Things seems to be getting worse.

I would like to tell you that it's true that Haitians don't get along but there would be NO Hope and No Courage in such a message...

Better yet... That's not really what you need to hear right now.

So I want to tell you something totally different... Something you did not expect to hear in my "State of the Union Address".

It is something so simple, so easy, that it has the power to change Haiti and Every Haitian community within a split second.

Here it is...

Every where in the Haitian Community you hear the same old speech:

"It is time for Haitians to get along".
"We have to get together"
"We have to come together"
"We should do this... We should do that..."
"If we did this... this way... Haiti would..."
"It's the government... It's the people at the top..."
"It's the rich... It's the poor..."

Here is my message to each and everyone of you in the Haitian Community...


As long as I've been alive, I've been listening to this "We Haitian Should..." speech

In the mean time, the Haitian individual, me, you, and everybody else making the suggestions, we are NOT doing anything.

We just sit there talking about what we should do...

What we S H O U L D do...

SHOULD means it is NOT being done.

SHOULD means it is just a suggestion.

SHOULD is wishful thinking...

SHOULD is Theory, Not Practice



I repeat...

ACTION is What We Need
Action is how we become the Forefathers of Tomorrow

2004 is here,

  • Whether you like it or not,
  • Whether you admit your Haitian heritage or not
  • Whether you are rich or poor
  • Whether you are lavalas or convergence
  • Whether you live in Petion Ville of 'BidonVil'

You have a duty to the future generations of our homeland to take what's left of it and fix it.

You SHOULD NOT do it... You MUST DO IT

May be you forgot... We are the leaders of Black freedom...

We MUST all kneel down, look down on the ground and pick up our Haitian Pride.

Once upon a time we stood for something, Once upon a time we had a come goal.

So here it is...

Istead of telling the rest of the haitian community what they SHOULD do, why dont YOU start telling the rest of the Haitian community what YOU are doing to contribute to your Haitian Heritage.

If you really care... if you really want your country to move to another direction, why don't you LEAD so other people can follow you?

Lead and they will follow you.
Be your own Moses and
you will walk right through the red sea.

I believe that with all my heart.

Lead by example!

If you think Haiti is dirty, start picking up the trash in front of your house and be very careful not to dump it down the street.

Lead by example and they will follow.

If you don't like to see people hungry around you, feed them first, then teach them how to fish.

Telling them they should learn how to fish is not going to fix anything.

They can't even afford to buy the fish, how do you expect them to buy the fish hook.

Do something
then tell them what you did
Tell them why your action is positive.
Tell them what's in it for them.

Stop telling people what to do
YOU Do Something

if you really want to change your beloved country and your community, stop telling other people in the community what they should do.

No one likes to be told what to do.

Nobody likes to be told what to do

Do it, Make a change, Make a difference

Let people know what you're doing

Please, I beg you, otherwise we are all in deep trouble.


If Dessalines and Toussaint L'Ouverture only said "We SHOULD be FREE", we would still be saying "YES MASSA"

I love each and everyone of you...

Now go out there and DO SOMETHING!

Woodring Saint Preux

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Topic says...

greetings! this message is for mr. woodring saint preaux! please contact me when it is convenient for you. i am a journalist for oneworld magazine in nyc, and we're interested in doing a feature story on hip hop culture in haiti.

contact me at hiphopreporter [at] hotmail.com! your help will be greatly appreciated!


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Topic says...

One of the biggest message I have ever heard is when dessalines asked all the haitians out of the state to come back to build the country.

Now i am 38 years old, I do not have lot of education but I have four girls.

I will make sure they have a good education.

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Topic says...

I pray God to give you more wisdom, and other youth could learn from you, and will be able to do positive things to change Haiti.

God bless

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Topic says...

Thank you for your comment,

I say "nobody likes to be told what to do" and there is a specific reason behind it.

Sometimes you may find yourself in a position where you have no choice but to do something.

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Topic says...

Well Mr. Saint Preux, that is a very deep way of putting together what you think SHOULD BE DONE.
There is one thing you need to understand: in that kind of interaction among people no matter what, someone will have to execute commands from someone else whether anybody likes to be told to do something.

Don't get me wrong; your theory of giving examples is one of the best approaches to solve any major problem.

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Topic says...

I thank you for your comments about the article.

It was a very inspiring comment and I do appreciate it.

Regarding the Translation, it's an automatic translation provided courtesy of www.google.com

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Topic says...

I know that Haiti is not where we would like it to be.

I also know there are many things that we SHOULD be doing to make it better.

I am an optimist, therefore I expect it to get better.

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Topic says...

It is very unfortunate on your part that
you choose not to say any-thing about
what's going on right now in our

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Topic says...

J'ai ecrit ce message en anglais(what a powerful message) ne sachant pas qu'il serait traduit en francais par un systeme automatique.

En ecrivant la vesion anglaise, je ne savais meme pas que le site pouvait se lire en francais.

Quel ne fut mon etonnement, en visitant la version francaise un peu plus tard, de trouver mon message ecrit dans un francais gauche et incomprehensible.

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Topic says...

I say what a powerful message!

When I started reading it my heart start pounding and I litterally stop breathing for a second.

I couldn't believe that message was sent to me this morning, I couldn't believe that someone wrote to me and to all our fellow haitian exactly what I've been saying silently in my head for years over and over.

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