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Testimonials... Reader's Comments...

"Let me tell you the positive impact you made on me while I try to get information about Haiti on the Internet. I have a lot of correpondence but when I see Woodring St Preux, I just click on it knowing I will learn something new about our beloved Haiti."

Lionel (Smyrna, GA)

"I love your newsletter; it is an awesome way to get connected among us.


Bernadette S.

"I am one of your subscribers and, trust me, you are doing a good job informing the Haitian community everywhere via the Internet.

Mwen konn tout zin an Ayiti gras a ou.

Take care.


"I just want to thank you for all the information that you gave me over the past few months. Thank you so much and I appreciate it.

I am a very busy person and I don't usually have time to watch the news or know what is going on back home. but you always keep me up to date with the information. Once again thanks and may god continues to bless you and your business. thanks"

Chantal L.

"Dear Woodring, I have been receiving your e-mails for some time and appreciate the efforts you have put into it. Keep up the good work with stimulating thought and pushing for positive change."

Jacques L.

"I am deeply touched by your plea for Unity. We need to get to the bottom of the problem. We need to be solution oriented. I feel your frustration, hence the name calling.

We need for cooler heads to prevail. We need to arm ourselves with credible information and we need to approach the problem scientifically and come up with realistic solutions."

James S.

"Your article is very interesting. Keep up the good work."

Newton G.

"Hey Sak pase nèg Hinche, Mwen se nèg Hinche tou.

Destine Haiti se nan men Ayisyen li ye. Pwoblem nan, nou lonje dwèt twòp sou lòt moun. Lè ayisyen sispann goumen antre yo. Lè sa-a Ayiti ap vin miyò.

"Il nous faut une conscience collective pour Haiti puisse connaitre un jour meilleur."

Nou renmen goumen pou pouvwa. Ayisyen gen anpil potansyèl. Nou gen anpil bagay pozitiv nan nou; men, nou pito chita sou negativite, destriksyon. Sa mwen di la mwen pa retire tèt pa mwen. Pwoblem Ayiti sou kont nou tout. Li pa sou kont Aristide sel man ou convergence."

Guyma G.

"I got this email from somebody... These are beautiful thoughts I hope they reach enough people to raise the consciousness of the group. Haiti is bleeding its last few drops of blood and these vampires are not stopping. They want to take more and run.

Take care man, I am proud to know you, you actually touched me with these thoughts. keep yours eyes, heart and mind open bro!.."

Maxime T.

"Thanks, Woodring. Keep me posted on your effort. I passed your posts to others and then they forwarded them to their own friends. The funniest one is the most recent one. YO IS DEAD. That was hilarious."


"That was great! That just put so much tears in my eyes. that is so true. I am glad to see that there are still some people who care about the little country. well all should do the same. Thank you for your courage and your hard work."

Lezin L.

"I've been reading a lot of your articles, I must say, this was a strong one. I have forwarded it to a couple of others and they enjoyed it...

KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK. You are doing very good job. And I like what you are doing for the Community."

Marjorie J.
Boston, MA

"WOW ... I really enjoyed the piece on the poet. I hope to read more on him and hopefully other interesting Haitians on in the near future.

What made it so enjoyable was it had no political edge. The heavy political pieces are great but too much is depressing.

Thanks again."

Paulina Noel
Cruise Planners, Inc

"I wanted to tell you guys that you're doing a wonderful job with this site.

I love the topic about "achete figure" because i just moved to Orlando from California and my people are the first to think "she got her job by sucking up"

Meanwhile they have no idea that i went to school in Europe, i work my butt off because I’m a single mother.

They should say "damm this sister is holding it down" I’m happy for every person who's making it happen, so reading this today was really encouraging.

Keep up the awesome job and god bless


"I just wanted to say thanks a million for the wonderful job that you are doing for the Haitian community.

I just wanted to tell you after reading, " Yo is dead" I thought about how funny and true it really was, especially the part of how Haitian people feel about some Haitian business owners.

I to, having dealt with a lot of them in the past have become cautious when dealing with our own people, which is sad to say."

Keisha C.

"Fouye is my Haitian ""

You have it all and what makes you popular is that you're fair and "fouye" truly Differs from any other West Indies web sites , which means Fouye is very professional ."

Richard Salvador

Hi Woodring, I really liked your message... you are doing a great job."

Henri Deschamps

"Thanks Woodring, You are doing a beautiful job..."

Myriam Nader

Hey man, thank you for giving me that information, it's very important for me. I appreciate that.

Monfistion M.

Thank you so much for all the information that you've sent for me. Hope that you keep working like this and don t give up. God bless you.

Samarun J.

"I was really touched by your message thanks for brightening my days."


"I received this e-mail from a Haitian Friend of mine. Just wanted to say that your message was very powerful and thought-provoking!"

Roland C.
Chicago, IL

Yeah what can say it is always amazing to read your emails.For the new year2005 may all your wishes come true.The best in evrything you do!

Sincerely! Carmichael

Thank you Woodring for keeping me informed of everything .god bless you my friend thanks again!

Rigal Simon (Facebook)

Thank you for all the news you share with me. You keep me up to date, I really appreciate that.

Nadine Dorvil (Facebook)