Stephanie Villedrouin - Haiti Minister of Tourism

Stephanie Villedrouin - Haiti Minister of Tourism

Here is a photo Stephanie Villedrouin, Haiti's minister of tourism

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Neville Faulknor says...

My name is Neville Faulknor of, Grand Cayman and we are organizing events in the sporting and entertainment field to bring all Caribbean countries under one umbrella and under one uniting Caribbean.

We are looking to work with the younger youths to have their minds turned to investing for prosperity, instead of just being involved in idleness.

The Caribbean is mainly made up of blacks and black parents have a tendency to normally be bugged down working, trying to make ends meet, both mother and father and as such, is looking to mend the gab, by providing programs and investment opportunities for young Caribbean's to partake in.
Our organization is looking in to hosting soccer tournaments and beauty pageant competitions on regular bases throughout the Caribbean.

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Vanina Francois says...

Dr Jean Moliere Li te Minis Sante

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Christiane says...

Tanpri Repon kesyon saa pou mwen: Banm non yon Minis Touris ki pase an Haiti avan Stephanie Villedrouin e di-m kisa li te fè.

Se tout bon wi mwen vle konnen


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Woody says...

The Travel Section of has placed Haiti on its "Go List".

In an article published today on their website, the popular travel guides says: This year, we are thrilled to change the country's status to "Go,".

Fox News cites Haiti's recent foray into international tourism that resulted in new flight service to Port-au-Prince from New York City and Fort Lauderdale via JetBlue.

Source: Haiti hebdo

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Sergo Buissereth says...

Love it! She is cute and I bet you she is smart.

I would love to add to this picture ( HAITI WELCOME YOU TO OUR PARADISE

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