Liliane Pierre Paul, Haitian Journalist

Liliane Pierre Paul, Haitian Journalist

Haitian Journalist Liliane Pierre Paul was the founder of Haiti Radio Kiskeya and host of the daily news program "Journal de 4 heures" on Radio Kiskeya.

In a heart-wrenching announcement that shook the nation, Radio Kiskeya announced the passing of renowned journalist Liliane Pierre-Paul on 31 July 31 2023.

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On Monday 31 July, 2023, Radio Kiskeya announced the death of their famous journalist Liliane Pierre-Paul over the air. The Haitian media was mourning the death of one their best.

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Live in her afternoon news program on Radio Kiskeya, Liliane Pierre Paul reported that Les Cayes city mayor Gabriel Fortune accused her radio station of being a propagandist radio station that was tied under the table of the Privert Interim Government.

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Haitian Singer Jean Jean Roosevelt Has just released a song in support of journalist Liliane Pierre-Paul in the midst of the Sweet Micky "Ti Lili Kanaval" Phenomenon... "Reste Debout Lili," (Keep your head up Lili) is the title the song...

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Will Y Joseph says...

Madame Liliane Pierre Paul se yon famm vamyan tout non, ki goumim anpil, Bondieu aptotejé a w. __Haiaitian are curse and locky nation.

If Haitians live in a Arid land, accompany to their evil culture and others countries which practicing the same culture with Haiti those countries would disappeared long ago, fortunately Haitians aren living in fertile land and Jesus has a last jugment for the world this is the reason Haiti and some other countries still living.

Wat you hear in this message is true, only God who knows Haiti and it's people better than I

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