PHOTO: Haiti - President Martelly ap Pote Cerceuil BLACK ALEX

PHOTO: Haiti - President Martelly ap Pote Cerceuil BLACK ALEX

Gade photo saa... Haiti - President Michel Martelly ap pote cerceuil BLACK Alex nan funeray li jounen Vendredi 27 Novembre 2015 la...

Kisa ou panse de sa???

(photo: St Clair Eddy / Facebook)

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Ducasse Jean Exer says...

very great job Mr

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Ducasse Jean Exer says...

Se byen sa, sa montre nou ke nou pa dwe gen konplex lakay nou oubyentou antrenou.

se yon bel

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Lenymatheus says...

What I've seen may be a surprise for those, but not for me. I've always expected that from you because it's what you are; a very kind, caring, compassionate, friendly and loving human being.

I've always been and will always be proud of you Mr. President.

May God keep on watching you and may He keep protecting

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Jocelyn Alain says...

Se bien sa Mwen aprecier

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Guy Odige says...

C on gwo doule chak fwa nou pedi on atis van yan konsa babiye mouch men babiye ve, fow nou bal kredi kel merite menm le li fe sak pabon nou kritikel men lel fe sa bon an tou bal kredi bwa vo prezidan Martelly one

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Elvert Castillon says...

That is very nice of go

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Rachelle says...

I love u

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Ket says...

I think that is awesome of what he did. I applaud him and now i have a little respect for him. He is the president he didn't have too but he did. He did not forget his friend no matter whAt position he

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Laurent says...

Gud job président bagay

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Shime Leroy says...

yo te patner nan vivant ce normal pou li supporter nan lamort ce ca qui re

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