Clairin Haiti - Clairin, Distilled Spirit of Haiti

Clairin Haiti - Clairin, Distilled Spirit of Haiti

Clairin is a distilled spirit and Haiti's most popular organic sugarcane based alcohol drink.

See it in this photo being sold in the streets of Petionville. Smith Nazon, 29, is selling clairin tranpe (flavored clairin) on the sidewalk in Petion-Ville, Haiti.

A 1 liter bottle of clairin sells for about USD $1.36 dollars, about one-eighth the price of the least expensive bottle of Rum Barbancourt, Haiti's most famous export.

Did you know? Clairinin Haiti undergoes the same distillation process as rhum

Read the full article Moving Haiti's rustic, rum-like clairin to market for photo source and info.

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If you thought drinking Clairin in Haiti is a thing that only poor people do, think again... The same bottle of Clairin that cost a few hundred gourdes in Haiti is now selling in the United States of America as "Organic Rum" at USD $40 a bottle!

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