MINUSTAH - Rape in Haiti

MINUSTAH - Rape in Haiti

There has been cases rape of Haitian women in Haiti by MINUSTAH UN Peacekeeping Soldiers.

One of the most popular MINUSTAH rape case in Haiti is that of a young boy in Port Salut Haiti. A video captured on a cell phone showed UN Peacekeepers sexually assaulting a Haitian boy.

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Charles says...

There is a time for everything.

Think before you act. Whatever you do in life has its consequences.

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Mr. Ann Jerry Jerome says...

We as Haitian people should condem things like that. These useless U.N. Pea emeritus should live Haiti right now and I don't really give a dame! What CNN said or any other news network for that matters.

these useless U.N. Keepers make me sick to my stomach and I mean that sincerely.


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