MINUSTAH - Hasta La Vistah

MINUSTAH - Hasta La Vistah

Representatives of the defense ministries of the Union of South American Nations (UNASUR) meeting to discuss the withdrawal of MINUSTAH troops in Haiti.

The majority of Haitian People want UN Troops to leave Haiti; however, some people think they should stay.

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MINUSTAH is definitely leaving Haiti... The Bolivian contingent to United Nations peacekeeping mission to Haiti (MINUSTAH) has already packed their bags and they are out the door...

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Haiti MINUSTAH Troops are packing their bags... By April, UN Peacekeeping Troops from Argentina and Equator will say good bye to Haiti for good... All troops from Equator will be gone, All but 70 medical troops from Argentina will also return home...

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The MINUSTAH soldiers in Haiti are about to see a drop in number... Uruguay parliament has recently decided to cut the 605 soldiers, part of the United Nation Stabilization Mission (MINUSTAH), by 60 percent reducing it down to 250 by 31 December 2015...

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