My Haitian cousin drinking fresh coconut water

My Haitian cousin drinking fresh coconut water

Haitians love to drink coconut water but I doubt if they know about all the health benefits of this natural drink. Coconut water is good for you and so is coconut oil.

Rest in Peace, Saintil Dorvil, aka Michel, aka Doming.

Cousin Michel died in early 2023. This picture of him savoring this fresh coconut was taking vack in May 2014 in our mother's hometown of Savann a Pal, outside Maissade, Centre, Haiti.

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I know in some parts of Haiti women use coconut in every food they cook... Especially in Les Cayes I've been told... But it wasn't until recently that I discovered that coconut oil is basically the best oil in the world... So I am wondering... Are these people aware of the health benefits or is it just an accidental habit?

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