Gas For Sale by The Gallon In Haiti

Gas For Sale by The Gallon In Haiti

When there is a shortage of gazoline in Haiti, Gas prices go up to twice the gas prices at the pumps. you could endup

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There is a strange situation happening in Haiti right now. Fuel pumps refilled with gasoline diesel one day are said to be empty the next day. Consumers are complaining that many of these fuel pumps are selling gas in the black market.

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Nearly every 3 months, Haiti suffers from a gasoline shortage and all the consequences that follows, a journalist said on Radio Friday.

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Haitian motorist are still complaining about a shortage of fuel, mainly gasoline and diesel, for the second week in a row in Haiti.

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There is a new fuel shortage many parts of Haiti this first week of April 2019. Men with drums of gasoline and diesel are beging to line up in the streets to sell at black market prices.

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Ouanaminthe Haiti - The mayor of the city of Ouanaminthe has decided to ban the informal sale of gasoline, diesel and other petroleum products in the streets.

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Mezanmi, Ou tande nouvel? Pri Gazoline ak Diesel pwal monte nan peyi a wi... Se sa wi ki ap diskite nan Radio an Haiti nan moman an...

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