City of Pilate, Northern Haiti - View from Morne Calvaire

City of Pilate, Northern Haiti - View from Morne Calvaire

Look at this photo... I had a chance to spend a few days in the beautiful city of Pilate, Northern Haiti, hometown of a close friend of mine. Pilate is a beautiful and very green little Haitian city on top of a mountain in the Plaisance Arrondissement, in the Nord Department of Haiti...

Waking up in Pilate is a breath of fresh air and I mean that literally... Pilate is one of the rare places I visited in Haiti where you can sleep all night long with no air conditioning and no fans (vantilatè).

The streets of Pilate are fully paved although, getting there from Gros-Morne, I must say, is an exciting off-road experience.

The photo you are looking at is a picture I took while standing atop "Mòn Kalvè" (Morne Calvaire or Calvary Hill in English) a steep rocky hill right outside the city.

"Si ti kò-w pa bon, pa pran chans monte Mòn Kalvè nan Pilate... LOL... Se eksperyans k-ap pale... "

I was so freaking tired half way up the hill that I stopped pretending that I was taking a picture... And that's how this breathtaking photo came to life.

Stay tuned for more stories from Pilate Haiti...

Have you ever been to Pilate?

Are you from Pilate?

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Claudy Seide Junior says...

we are at

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Bonito says...

The City of Pilate is a manifestation of the possible when the consciousness of humans rise to give a chance to a nature that is greater than each and every one of us when we are separate and clinging to our ego. It's a call to civility and a reflection of the souls of those around it. It's neither an accident nor a hazzard.

It's your potential place and mine. It's an eden and a point of atonnment when we are at peace and at one with ourselves, and we experience the City of Pilate when we can free ourselves from our own dragon

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Douglas Vital Jean says...

Pilate peyi de rev peyi lanmou peyi ki fe moun reve peyi ki bay anpil go moun bel moun peyizaj pa kom les autres kkuveti vejeta a admire byen ke debwazman tre fo nan zon nan mwen invite miun ki poko konnenl al fe yon

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Miratel Desinor says...

I'm not from pilate, but I've been there several times and stayed overnight.

It's one of the most exciting area in northern department.

The natural air breathing morning and night, offers you a real feeling to stay

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Patrick Princivil says...


Let us put hands together to serve God in heaven, with Jesus-Christ we will sit at the same table with God's father, son and holly spirit whatever rich and poor.

Let us stick our hands together to fix Port au prince including croix-bosal, lassaline, let us put hands together to clean Haïti properly and help the poor to do better.

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Paula says...

Non mais j aimerait la

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