A Tent City without Grass and Pavement, It is a Pigsty

A Tent City without Grass and Pavement, It is a Pigsty

Without grass and pavement, when the rain comes in a Haitian tent city, it will become a pigsty!

Without Grass, When it rains in Haiti, the soil becomes wet and muddy.

Read this from education.com:

"Grasslands have some protection from wind and water erosion (the process by which materials of Earth's surface are broken down and carried away by natural agents, such as wind and water) because of their grass covering. Grasses have fibrous roots, which are roots that have no main section but spread out into the soil in all directions. Fibrous roots are thin and form a tangled mass in shallow soil. This mass helps to hold the soil together, so wind and water do not easily erode the soil."

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I have a very important tent city design suggestion and I hope the government take it into consideration otherwise each tent city in Haiti will be a catastrophe waiting to happen.

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Garry Destin says...

A tent can't be used for too long. I am in the business and I know for a fact. More over it would be so crowded one more excuse to say "Well it is so crowded we can't manage around it.
2) Where would you place a toilet; one more excuse to blame them for basic need.
An aluminum shed comes in 1000 square feet wide which can be divided into cells of from 12'X12' or bigger depends on the size of the family.They will have their own door and toilet etc. People will live in community which will make it easier even for distribution of help.
Many churches are built with these sheds with good vents etc.

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