Haiti Gang Violence - Who is 400 Mawozo?

Haiti Gang Violence - Who is 400 Mawozo?

400 Mawozo is a notoriously violent gang in Haiti that has taken total control of Croix-des-Bouquets and Gantier, Two cities in the outskirts of Port-au-Prince as your head Dominican border in Maplasse.

This Gang has turned this area into that private little business kidnapping, raping, ransoming and murdering people.

They even targeted members of the church and foreigners is the continue the operation without any fear a Haitian authorities.

400 Mawozo gang leader is Wilson Joseph, most notoriously known as Lanmò San Jou. Another leader to say is second-in-command of the game is Germine Joly, alias Yonyon who has been behind bars in Haiti for quite some time.

As of April 2021, 400 Mawozo started kidnapping foreigners in Haiti.

In April, they kidnapped five priests and two nuns, some of them were French Nationals and there were held for ransom for about 3 weeks.

In late October 2021, 400 Mawozo kidnapped 17 American and Canadian missionaries, mostly Americans, and demanded $17 million dollars ransom for their release.

Since then, the 400 name of this game has been all over international news, like CNN, The Washington Post, The Daily Mail just to name a few who finally paid attention to the terrible kidnappings that has been going on in the country.

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