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haiti is a big contry

hi sara,how you doing,about usher is last name is raymond but go on roroli,com click an forum you gone fine more more celebrities with haitian roots... more »

pi bon manj

hi gaspard,pibon manje se diri blanc sospwa france epi poule avek youti piment nan vianan.dimanche apres l' more »

solution yan c

salut roudeline,topic la pal more »

be happy my friend

hi praz are going,you want to know about usher,1er the last name is raymond,do you know raymond is french go an roroli.com you gone find the rest... more »

is true and serious

hi buddy,are you doing, dont forget you from a big country.an the last vid more »

thank you

thank Mr,i'm happy to receive the answers to the topic since mars.The subject said i represent Haiti,is ok,but the hit man not a good name,if you... more »

I'm steel happy

wen is true is dificul to accept.I'm positive,no one give the good answers about the topic,but my comment open so many eyes thank you god bless you. more »

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