JetBlue Airline Announce new Flights to Haiti

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Topic: JetBlue Airline Announce new Flights to Haiti

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Why not? It's a good thing but what makes me mad is that there are no direct flights to Haiti from Chicago. I know that it has to do with demand but... read more >
Haiti Reads, 9-May-13 6:41 pm
Jetblue going to Haiti. Wow that will be more than wonderful. read more >
Simone, 9-May-13 7:39 pm
I think it's one the best thing that cud happen cause really, sometimes it's too expensive to go to Florida or New York. Thank u Jetblue!!! read more >
Rosbernyto, 9-May-13 8:19 pm
Awesome! The more the merrier. I do hope the increase competition will have a positive effect on ticket prices. read more >
Etienne, 10-May-13 2:53 am
Why has it been so difficult for an airline who wishes to provide excellent service can't do so? Why are some of these airlines have charged so much... read more >
Joseph Gourgue, 10-May-13 11:35 am
Great news. It's about time AA gets some good competitors. read more >
Marlene, 10-May-13 12:42 pm
I cant wait for December hoping it was now. I love to travel with JetBlue and of course we need a good reseanable prices. This is riduculus with... read more >
Jean Compas, 10-May-13 10:31 pm
Wow, I go to Haiti every 2 months. This is music to my ears. I love it! read more >
Rose, 11-May-13 2:49 pm
i cant wait Welcome Jet Blue read more >
Yolene Dolce, 13-Jun-13 9:01 am
This is a good ideal thank u guys read more >
Hewin David, 29-Apr-14 7:16 pm


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