I am a registred nurse with 27 years experience, I looking to work in Haiti

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I am a Medsurge Nurse and an OR nurse and PD, how can I get a job there

Nicole Jean Louis, May 4 2013, 6:23 PM

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Topic: Mirebalais Haiti, Home of The Largest Solar Powered Hospital In The World

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Lopital Mirebalais-a louvri pot li oficyelman 28 Avril 2013. The American Red Cross proudly joins Partners In Health in celebrating the opening of... read more >
Woody, 3-May-13 4:53 pm
I greet this good action, our country needs. Let's work to the security so we can have more hospital in our "andeyo" best regards! read more >
Emmanuel, 3-May-13 5:17 pm
At last some good news about our beloved Haiti... Mezanmi si nou te ka fe yonn konsa nan chak depatman a la kontan mwen ta kontan... Go... read more >
Kenol Aris, 3-May-13 6:01 pm
That is good news. I hope they keep it up. read more >
Paul, 3-May-13 6:21 pm
Felicitation pou premye ekip kite pran uniciative saa (Mayer Lochard). Poukisa responsab HUM bezwen sevi ak EDH energy for? Eske sepa yon gaspiyaj... read more >
Oxceva, 3-May-13 11:39 pm
Paul Farmer and his wife you have the biggest heart On the earth, and patners and health has a good way to serve people and expose their Vision... read more >
Nicolenstia, 4-May-13 4:12 am
bravo pou tout moun ki te kontribye pou ke pwoje lopital sa vinn yon reyisit... read more >
Pierre Mario, 4-May-13 7:19 am
I am a Medsurge Nurse and an OR nurse and PD, how can I get a job there read more >
Nicole Jean Louis, 4-May-13 6:23 pm
Sa a bon wi! Moin toujou di, si Eta Zini te' gin soley Ayiti, li tap mete' li nan bouteille epi li vann li. ha ha... read more >
Gg, 5-May-13 9:35 am


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