Student fails, because of French

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I agree with you, French is not the reason the student fails, the teacher is the reason, because he does not know how to teach the children in a way that they could understand the subject and do their home work and answer the questions in their own words.

We have too many teachers who are not trained, qualified and that's why our children are failing.

First of all, I never agreed with that decision that Mr Bernard, Minister of Education then took for Education in Haiti be done in Creole, while he and his colleagues, talking for our children in Haiti to be educated in Creole sent their children to France and Sorbonne to study.

Through that their decision, we became backward and could not compete with the rest of the French World, for Creole is a broken language spoken as dialect in a few Countries of the world, not an international language recognized officially on the international scene.

However, I agree that Creole be thought in our schools as our dialect, but not that our education be done in solely in it which would reduce their effectiveness to communicate with the est of the world.

We need to keep emphasizing both the importance of the Education in French and the maintenance of the teaching of the Creole in our Schools.

Both should go hand in hand and not one without the other.

May God bless you!

Vilo Exantus, February 19 2013, 5:56 AM

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Topic: Haitian Student Says: French Is The Reason I am Failing

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I disagree with you. I am 67 left Haiti in 1965. I cannot write Creole. But I can write French. So, are we going to have two kinds of Haitians... read more >
Franck, 17-Feb-13 2:50 pm
I left haiti 3yrs ago and I forgot most of my french, but I miss it a lot... Its a difficult language but there is a reason that it is a main... read more >
Sarah Cadet, 17-Feb-13 7:32 pm
Woodring, we all went to that road for our education and we succeeded some of us with brio. When we go to a foreign country with a foreign language... read more >
Bwa San Fey, 17-Feb-13 10:51 pm
The problem is not from the French language.We need to figure out some other factors.ECONOMIC difficulties are the sources of all the problems.Empty... read more >
Haspyl Lazarre, 18-Feb-13 9:59 am
mwen dako ak ti pitit la se sa ki mete nou nan sa nou ye jodi a paske nap fe bouraj de crann, nou bliye orijin nou, menm literature haitienne en... read more >
Bertrand, 18-Feb-13 11:11 pm
I agree with you, French is not the reason the student fails, the teacher is the reason, because he does not know how to teach the children in a way... read more >
Vilo Exantus, 19-Feb-13 5:56 am
It would be great if the change would be made in Haiti for the children to be taught in Creole and French. It beneficial to the individual, society... read more >
B, 20-Feb-13 8:53 am
I agree with that kid to some extent and totally understand him! I was lucky enough to have had two teachers in Haiti that made a great impact on me... read more >
Gigie, 20-Feb-13 3:16 pm
Not too long ago my friends and I we went to a foreign conference,As I shared my struggle with them they do the same as well some of them from... read more >
Daelle, 20-Feb-13 5:02 pm
How in the world can teachers give proper instructions to students when they tehmselves are so dumb. In Haiti now a day anyone can teach. I studied... read more >
Cosette, 16-Mar-13 2:26 am
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