"La diffamation se paie" Port-au-Prince, Haïti le 8...

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"La diffamation se paie"
Port-au-Prince, Haïti le 8 novembre 2012

Lettre d'excuses à Stanley Handal et à sa famille

MAJOR DEFAMATION CASE CLOSED! for untrue statements, lies & defamatory statements made about Stanley Handal on the Internet

Stanley Handal
V. Joel Deeb / OMEGA MC Inc, Vizyonlakay Inc
Agreed Final Judgement Against Defendents:Joel Deeb &OMEGA MC Inc &Vizyonlakay Inc

"Je vous écris la présente lettre afin de transmettre, à vous et a votre famille, mes plus sincères excuses concernant les déclarations diffamatoires et calomnieuses faites à votre encontre dans des articles de mon site web..." - Joel Deeb

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Note de protestation et d'indignation du Groupe Jean Vorbe
Port-au-Prince, Haïti le 7 novembre 2012

"Le Groupe Jean Vorbe proteste énergiquement contre les accusations mensongères faites par le journal Haïti Observateur, à l'endroit de deux de ses membres, dans son article intutulé L'homme d'affaires Clifford Brandt arrêté..."

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Prominent Businessman Stanley Handal Secures Final Monetary Judgment from Joel Deeb in a Defamation Lawsuit Filed in United States Federal Court.

Mr. Deeb Also Signs the Following Apology Letter to Mr. Handal for Defaming Him, Following the Issuance of a Civil Contempt Warrant for Deeb's Arrest.

"I am writing this letter to convey my deepest apologies to you, and your family, for the malicious and defamatory statements I made about you in articles on my website omegamilitaryconsultant.com. When I posted the articles about you, which falsely accused you of kidnapping, money laundering, arms dealing, and drug dealing, I did so without ever investigating the veracity of those accusations." ...

Read more: www.omegamilitaryconsultant.com

Lamme Vernau, November 10 2012, 4:38 PM

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Topic: Haiti Observateur Bombshell Article - Clifford Brandt Names Olivier Martelly In Kidnapping Ring.

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I don't believe that at all. Make sure you have the right( true) information before you publish it. Always trying to take the president down, that... read more >
Clarita, 10-Nov-12 4:08 pm
"La diffamation se paie" Port-au-Prince, Haiti le 8 novembre 2012 Lettre d'excuses a Stanley Handal et a sa famille MAJOR DEFAMATION CASE CLOSED... read more >
Lamme Vernau, 10-Nov-12 4:38 pm
well, it sounds crazy that they name his wife and son, but you never know. I have my doubt, but we just gonna have to wait and see read more >
Ericka, 10-Nov-12 7:04 pm
sa nou we la a se pa anyen sa pep ki pat konn chwazi se sa ki fe jodia nou pran nan kidnapinn sa a sa fe rwont pou peyi sa a read more >
Chedylove, 10-Nov-12 9:00 pm
bagay sa yo red anpil read more >
Charles Jim, 10-Nov-12 9:11 pm
Whatever what people say, President Martelly is there for minimum 5 years. If Michel Martelly's son or daughter or wife make mistake, I don't see... read more >
Patrick Princivil, 10-Nov-12 9:31 pm
No ones should be making any comments about the president's family invoved in kidnapping until the court day! read more >
Erick Henry, 11-Nov-12 1:00 pm
Fresh Barber Shop, 11-Nov-12 6:02 pm
i dont believe that they try to make michel look bad clifford want to clean his name or what read more >
Lena, 11-Nov-12 8:43 pm
MOIN DIT MENTI TROIS FOIS! How low can the opposition goes? I hope President Martelly, and his family will sue the newspaper. This is outrageous... read more >
Josy, 12-Nov-12 12:16 am
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