Caracol industrial park open 65.000 jobs in Haïti, great...

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Caracol industrial park open 65.000 jobs in Haïti, great.

But make sure this industry is not produce the chemical smock to harm the population of Haïti; make sure these chemical will not poison the sea including the rivers.

Do you know chemical symbolize poison?

That's why people in US-Canada etc have a lot of disease including: loosing kidneys, blood pressure's problem, diabetic's problem etc. How many time you hear people of Haïti keep loosing kidney so often like big countries like that?

The nation of Haïti really need job, great! You have to be wise, so be careful.

Remember that?

99 percent white people don't like black people just for our skins and because we fight to come out of slavery, that's why they take the chains out of our necks, they put it in our stomachs; now we try to take it out of our stomachs from (Aba grangou), now they will try to put the chains somewhere else in our bodies.

Because of selfishness, when we are in distress they are happy, because they make profits in that, that's why they like to use dictators to harm us.

Pray and fast, the same God who delivered Israel under the Philistine's hand has enough power to take us out of the slavery and poverty.

Patrick Princivil, October 21 2012, 11:14 AM

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Topic: Haiti Caracol Industrial Park Officially Opens 22 Oct 2012

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Welcome to Haiti and keep the jobs coming. WE are a great Nation. read more >
Cj, 21-Oct-12 3:55 am
Caracol Park Industrial will open 65:000 jobs, It sound good to me. But remember that? US government have a lot experience to rule over countries... read more >
Patrick Princivil, 21-Oct-12 6:52 am
Caracol industrial park open 65.000 jobs in Haiti, great. But make sure this industry is not produce the chemical smock to harm the population of... read more >
Patrick Princivil, 21-Oct-12 11:14 am
so happy so many jobs available in Haiti for its people who've been screaming for help...thanks for that! read more >
Carol Merceron, 13-Mar-13 10:35 am
Bonjourje veux un emploie dans cette institution read more >
Rony Bernard, 28-Mar-16 7:07 am


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